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Gusev V.,Mining University | Maliukhina E.,Mining University
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2016

In the article presented overall information about calculation of water conducting fracture zone (WCFZ), describe influence of lithological composition for estimated height WCFZ. Comparative analysis of WCFZ height calculation also presented in the article. © Research India Publications.

Zvonarev I.E.,Mining University | Shishlyannikov D.I.,Perm National Research Polytechnic Institute
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2017

The paper justifies the relevance of developing and implementing automated onboard systems for operation data and maintenance recording in heading-and-winning machines. The analysis of advantages and disadvantages of existing automated onboard systems for operation data and maintenance recording in heading-and-winning machines for potassium mines are presented. The basic technical requirements for the design, operating algorithms and functions of recording systems of mining machines for potassium mines are formulated. A method of controlling operating parameters is presented; the concept of the onboard automated recording system for the Ural heading-and-winning machine is outlined. The results of experimental studies of variations in loading of the Ural-20R miner's operating member drives, using the VATUR portable measuring complex, are given. It is proved that existing means of objective control of operating parameters of the URAL-20R heading-and-winning machine do not assure its optimal operation. The authors present a technique of analyzing the data provided by parameter recorders that allow increasing efficiency of mechanical complexes by determining numerical values characterizing the technical and technological level of potassium ore production organization. The efficiency assessment criteria for engineering and maintenance departments of mining enterprises are advanced. A technology of continuous automated monitoring of potassium mine's outburst hazard is described. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Zhukovskiy Y.,Mining University | Koteleva N.,Mining University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2017

The frequency of maintenance of electromechanical equipment depends on the plant, which uses and runs this equipment. Very often the maintenance frequency is poorly correlated with the actual state of the electromechanical equipment. Furthermore, traditional methods of diagnosis sometimes cannot work without stopping the process (for example, for equipment located in hard to reach places) and so the maintenance costs are increased. This problem can be solved using the indirect methods of diagnosing of the electromechanical equipment. The indirect methods often use the parameters in the real time and seldom use the parameters of traditional diagnostic methods for determination of the resource of electromechanical equipment. This article is dedicated to developing the structure of a special automated control system. This system must use the big flow of the information about the direct and indirect parameters of the equipment state from plants from different areas of industry and factories which produce the electromechanical equipment. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Syrkov A.G.,Mining University | Silivanov M.O.,Mining University | Kushchenko A.N.,Mining University
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2016

The influence of different factors (adhesion, surface hydrophobicity, etc.) on antifrictional properties of lubricant with modified metal additives was discussed. The measurings of friction coefficient (f) and friction force (F fr) were carried out for the heterogeneous systems as oil I-20 with Al-additives modified by triamon (T), alkamon (A) and ethylhydridesiloxane according to various programs. It was established that as a number of T-underlayers, included in Al-additives with chemisorpted external layer of ethylhydridsiloxane reduces from 3 to 1 the force of friction and coefficient of friction reduce. It was discovered that the value of summand which stands for the amount of intermolecular forces in the boundary friction equation can be regulated in Al-additives by using low-molecular T-underlayer.

Zvonarev I.E.,Mining University | Simenko E.V.,Mining University | Muratbakeev E.Kh.,Mining University
2016 2nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Applications and Manufacturing, ICIEAM 2016 - Proceedings | Year: 2017

The paper represents a study of line surfaces as families of straight beams of the 1st order congruence, projecting an arbitrary line; in case a congruence, a projecting line and a surface built are assigned with parametric equations. © 2016 IEEE.

Zvonarev I.E.,Mining University | Folomkin A.I.,Mining University | Muratbakeev E.H.,Mining University
Key Engineering Materials | Year: 2017

The present paper presents the results of an analysis of the functioning principles of contemporary CAD systems and of their capabilities for modern process modelling. Requirements to process modelling software have been set forth. Physical processes during cutting of metals have been considered. The selection of Delphi programming environment has been substantiated. An interface, an algorithm and a program code for part machining modelling software has been developed for an all-purpose thread-cutting lathe with 3D graph involvement in OpenGL. A description of the software work and its specifications have been provided. Ways have been defined for further improvement and development of the developed software, as well as its promising application fields. © 2017 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Carayannis E.G.,Washington | Cherepovitsyn A.Y.,Mining University | Ilinova A.A.,Mining University
Journal of Technology Transfer | Year: 2015

US universities are leading the way in technology commercialization, while universities in Russia lag far behind. This paper discusses the best American practices, as well as the main issues of technology commercialization at the US universities. As an example, we consider the experience of the University of Maryland, College Park. In the next section, we turn to technology commercialization in Russia, where it struggles for several reasons. In this paper, we propose that Russia can improve its technology commercialization by studying the example of the leading US entrepreneurial universities and implementing proper procedures. And the important overarching point is that Russian universities need to improve their collaboration with industry, and they need to develop new standards of administrative, research, and business activity that will promote innovation and entrepreneurship. © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Zvonarev I.E.,Mining University | Ivanov S.L.,Mining University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2016

The methodological bases for determining the energy resource of mechanical transmissions details for mining machines are considered. Based on the analysis of the accumulation of damage in metal gears, a method of estimating residual life of coarse-toothed wheels by periodically measuring the hardness of the surface layer of the teeth is justified. The regularities in change of hardness of coarse-tooth gear, conditioned by a change in metal strength properties that take into account the micro- and macromechanisms of plastic and elastic deformation, distortion of the metal crystal lattice with formation and movement of vacancies and dislocations. Experimental setup was built and the results of laboratory experiments are given related to the process of destruction of non-standard samples under different loads. Comparison of dimensions and hardness values of the sample allows concluding that a larger deformation corresponds to a greater increase in hardness, their limit value for the material being in the fracture zone. It is established that the detected changes in the local hardness occurs in areas of increased stresses above the limit of proportionality and the work of fracture forces attributed to dislocations density adjacent to the fracture plane expressed in terms of hardness increment is constant. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Kremcheev E.A.,Mining University | Kremcheeva D.A.,Mining University
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2016

The results of theoretical and experimental studies are presented that focus on validating the manufacturing parameters of the peat raw production under conditions of applying a developed manufacturing scheme of the modular peat enterprise operation. The conducted studies revealed the dependences of the gravitational dewatering efficiency factors on the initial conditions of dehydration caused by the values of the pile height and moisture content. An example of the evaporation rate calculation at the convective and radiative-convective heat supply is given for the average data of summer months. The calculation results indicated an increase in the role of evaporation in the gravitational dewatering of peat raw under the favorable weather conditions. © 2010 RJPBCS.

News Article | November 1, 2016

HONG KONG, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The International exhibition and conference on shipbuilding and development of the Arctic and the continental shelf Offshore Marintec Russia has finished its work. For the second time the leading players of the market of energy resources gathered on the platform CEC «Expoforum» for demonstration of the latest developments in the sphere of oil and gas production, and also for discussion and development of ways of upgrading the processes of development, drilling, production and transportation of energy resources. During four days of the conference 114 reports of different topics were made: shipbuilding, energy infrastructure of the coastal territories, underwater and under-ice drilling, strategic development of the Arctic, a resort and prevention of emergencies, technical means and technological complexes for development of oil and gas resources of the continental shelf. This year more than 80 companies from Russia, China, Romania, South Korea, Poland took part in an exhibition. Among the participants are such large players of the market of energy resources as Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Gazprom Flot, Lukoil, Vega, Redaelli SSM, Okeanpribor, Sevmash, the Zvezda plant, Fizpribor and many others. The research institutes, working in a sphere of power and development of the continental shelf, were presented in exhibition: Experimental project bureau of mechanical engineering of I. I. Afrikantov, Institute of ecological projecting and researches, Krylov state scientific center, St. Petersburg Mining University. All in all the exhibition was visited by more than 5,000 of specialists: representatives of business, authority, science, producing and research. The key event of the first day has become a Round table "The state and prospects of the modern Russian Navy for the development of hydrocarbon resources of the continental shelf of the Arctic". According to Director of the Russian Department of "Continuous production and drives" ("Siemens"), Victor Rupp, the purpose of this discussion was not just to demonstrate the capabilities of individual enterprises in the construction and maintenance of ships and oil and gas equipment, but also to develop specific proposals for the Russian shipbuilding industry in a policy of import substitution and localization. One of the special sessions of the first day held up one of the most controversial and problematic issues of energy production industry - the development of underwater and under-ice technology for the development of deposits and mining conditions in freezing seas. This session was organized with the active support of the Fund of Advanced Studies. In his speech, the head of the project group of the Fund Viktor Litvinenko underlined the need for practical implementation of the currently available researches, its using not in laboratory test conditions, but directly on the water and under water. "Energy infrastructure for offshore oil and gas projects" -- was another special event in the context of the forum of this day. Experts discussed the prospects of using of alternative sources of energy for offshore and coastal structures in terms of import substitution and diversification in electrical equipment. The second day of the international exhibition and conference "Offshore Marintec Russia" and the 16th St. Petersburg International Energy Forum has opened the Plenary session on the subject "Strategic objectives and priorities of development of the Arctic and continental shelf of the Russian Federation". According to the Chairman of the Program committee of a conference, the chairman of Scientific Council of RAS on geology and development of oil and gas fields, the academician of RAS Alexey Kontorovich, at this discussion platform for more than 20 years the main questions of ideological policy in the field of oil production and power are brought up and solved. Within special section of the second day of work of the Offshore Marintec Russia conference the discussion on international cooperation in development of the Arctic and the shelf took place. The subject of discussion attracted a keen interest of the speakers and listeners, divided into two camps: in support of development of the international interaction and experience exchange with foreign partners and -- against such cooperation. According to Andrey Chernykh, representing Federal State Institution "VNIIOkeanologii", the only condition of development of fields of the continental shelf is a close interaction with the scientific and project and research centers of Europe and North America. Within the international consortium Russia will be able to accelerate process of potential fields researching and will begin to implement the strategy of continental Russian shelf in practice. In addition to this, within the ceremony of official opening of an exhibition and the Offshore Marintec Russia conference and the 16th St. Petersburg international energy forum a Ceremony of winners rewarding of International Contest of the scientific, technical and innovative researches for the development of the Arctic and the continental shelf took place. At the end of the second day a solemn launch for the participants of the conference and exhibition on Krestovsky island of St-Petersburg was organized. All the participants and official sponsors have got diplomas and gifts for memory about this event. The 3rd day was rich for round tables and special sections of different subjects: new technologies for research of the continental shelf, safety on objects of the North Navy Way, development of infrastructure of the water and shelf territory. In conditions of entry into force since January 1, 2017 of the Polar code of the Russian Federation it is necessary to speed up the work on improvement existing and development of a perspective survival equipment and their harmonization according to the international standards. It was declared at the Round table on safety issues of oil and gas crafts in the Arctic and on the continental shelf by the head of Association of development of the search and rescue equipment and technologies Victor Ilyukhin. In the context of the Round table "Complex development of sea transport infrastructure in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation" the head of department of the ice mode and forecasts of Federal State Institution "AANII" Evgeny Mironov underlined, that the factors connected with an ice situation, drift of icebergs and ice massifs and the change of a temperature background are the main factors at all stages of work on the shelf. The culmination of the conference was at official solemn gala-dinner for the participants, partners and sponsors, who made a significant contribution to the organization of these exhibitions and business forums. Among owners of the awards were the companies "Gazprom neft", "Gazprom", "Gazpromneft Sakhalin", National research Kurchatov institute. In addition to this an expert jury estimated the most interesting and multifunctional stands of the participants of the exhibition. Among the winners are: "Gazprom neft", "Lukoil", "Protea" (Poland), plant "Zvezda". The prize of spectators' sympathies was given by right to "Gazprom Flot", the company and to the plant "FIZPRIBOR". Notes to Editor: For fair details, please contact: Felicia Chow Senior Project Manager UBM Asia Ltd 17/F, China Resources Building 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2827 6211 Fax: (852) 3749 7347 Email:    Website: For media enquiries, please contact: Carmen Choy Senior Marketing Communications Executive UBM Asia Ltd Tel: (852) 2827 6211 Fax: (852) 3749 7347 Email: Website:

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