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Qadir M.A.,University of Punjab | Ahmed M.,University of Punjab | Malik M.K.,Minhaj University Lahore | Ismail I.,Minhaj University Lahore
Pakistan Journal of Botany | Year: 2017

Under the field conditions, the effectiveness of foliar application of metal-amino acid chelates including metal-glycine [Zn(Gly)2], [Fe(Gly)2], [Cu(Gly)2] and metal-methionine [Zn(Met)], [Fe(Met)], [Cu(Met)] on yield of stalk and grain as well nutritional quality of sorghum was investigated. The foliar application increased stalk and grain yield 23.8-25.16% and 16.1-20.1% for the first and second year respectively. The grain zinc, iron, copper and protein concentration was also increased significantly as compared with non-chelated and control. On the average 26.2%, 23.3%, 45% and 25.3% increase in sorghum grain Zn, Fe, Cu, and protein respectively was noted for both the growing years sprayed with [M(Gly)2] and [M(Met)] than those sprayed with non-chelated micronutrients. Significant correlation between the protein, Zn, Fe, and Cu concentration indicates that the genes affecting the grain accumulations of Zn, Fe, Cu and protein are probably closely linked. In the present study, the results obtained by foliar application of [M(Gly)2] and [M(Met)] should consider as new micronutrient sources to improve the stalk and grain yield along the nutritional quality. © 2017, Pakistan Botanical Society. All rights reserved.

Rasul L.,Minhaj University Lahore | Tufail S.,Minhaj University Lahore | Rasool H.,Government of Pakistan
Asian Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2016

Unchecked release of industrial effluents containing arsenic in the fresh water is resulting in environmental pollution of water resources. Actual exposure of this water contamination was checked by measuring the As(III) bio-accumulation in blood samples of broiler. Ecophysiological impacts of this bio-accumulation were also captured like body weight, feed consumption, feed conversion, mortality rate and core internal body temperature. Analysis of As(III) bio-accumulation revealed that the effects on the health conditions of birds due to As(III) are extremely adverse since it results in decreased body weight by 22 %, decreased feed consumption by 18 %, decreased feed conversion by 0.015 g/g, higher mortality rate by 7.38 % and lowered core internal body temperature by 7.8 % within first 14 days of brooding period. Overall, there was bio-accumulation of 25.8 μg/L of As(III) in blood samples of Gallus sp after 14 days of brooding period.

Rafiq M.,University of Central Punjab | Ahmad M.O.,The University of Lahore | Iqbal S.,Minhaj University Lahore
Proceedings of 2016 13th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology, IBCAST 2016 | Year: 2016

Numerical Modeling involves construction, implementation and analysis of reliable numerical schemes to solve continuous models. These schemes are constructed with the aim that discrete model exhibits the same behavior as the continuous model. Discrete models must preserve some very important properties like dynamical consistency, positivity and boundedness of the solution. In this paper, a dynamical model for the transmission dynamics of Dengue virus in the body is analyzed numerically. An unconditionally convergent numerical model has been proposed and analyzed for the same problem. Results are compared with well-known numerical schemes i.e. Euler and Runge-Kutta method of order four (RK-4). Unlike Euler and RK-4 which fail for certain step sizes, the proposed numerical scheme preserves all the essential properties of continuous model and converged to true steady states of the model for any step size used. © 2016 IEEE.

Ali S.,Minhaj University Lahore | Rizvi S.T.R.,COMSATS Institute of Information Technology | Younis M.,University of Punjab
Nonlinear Dynamics | Year: 2015

In this article, the solitary wave and topological soliton solutions in the models that describe the propagation of surface water waves in a uniform channel are successfully constructed. The solitary wave ansatz is used to carry out these distinct solutions. The corresponding integrability criteria, also known as constraint conditions, naturally emerge from the analysis of these models. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Younis M.,University of Punjab | Ali S.,Minhaj University Lahore | Mahmood S.A.,University of Punjab
Nonlinear Dynamics | Year: 2015

The article proposes the three different types of envelope solitons: bright, dark and singular, to compound KdV–Burgers equation. The equation has been considered with variable coefficients and power law nonlinearity, which is the main interest of plasma physics. The ansatz approach is carried out to construct these solitons. The parameter regimes, for the existence of these solitons, are identified during the derivation of the solutions. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Abdul Qadir M.,University of Punjab | Ahmed M.,University of Punjab | Iqbal M.,Minhaj University Lahore
BioMed Research International | Year: 2015

Novel sulfonamides were developed and structures of the new products were confirmed by elemental and spectral analysis (FT-IR, ESI-MS, 1HNMR, and 13CNMR). In vitro, developed compounds were screened for their antibacterial activities against medically important gram (+) and gram (-) bacterial strains, namely, S. aureus, B. subtilis, E. coli, and K. pneumoniae. The antibacterial activities have been determined by measuring MIC values (g/mL) and zone of inhibitions (mm). Among the tested compounds, it was found that compounds 5a and 9a have most potent activity against E. coli with zone of inhibition: 31±0.12 mm (MIC: 7.81 g/mL) and 30±0.12 mm (MIC: 7.81 g/mL), respectively, nearly as active as ciprofloxacin (zone of inhibition: 32±0.12 mm). In contrast, all the compounds were totally inactive against the gram (+) B. subtilis. © 2015 Muhammad Abdul Qadir et al.

Cheemaa N.,Minhaj University Lahore | Younis M.,University of Punjab
Nonlinear Dynamics | Year: 2016

In this article, new and general exact traveling wave solutions including soliton-like solutions, triangular-type solutions, single and combined nondegenerate Jacobi elliptic wave function-like solutions, doubly periodic-like solutions are obtained for integrable (2+1)-dimensional Maccari system. This system is frequently introduced to define the motion of the isolated waves, localized in a very small part of space, in many fields such as quantum field theory, hydrodynamics, in plasma physics to describe the behavior of the sonic Langmuir solitons, and also in nonlinear optics. Based on the generalized elliptic equation, an algebraic method is used to construct a series of exact solutions. Being concise and straightforward, the calculations demonstrate the effectiveness and convenience of the method for solving other nonlinear partial differential equations. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Inthis paper, two different typesofenvelope solitons: solitary wave and shock wave have been obtained for the (1+1)-dimensional perturbed Klein-Gordon, (1+1)-dimensional Kaup-Keperschmidt and (2+1)-dimentional ZK-BBM equations using the solitary wave ansatz. The parameter regimes, for the existence of the solitons are identified during the derivation of the solution. Since, the nonlinear wave is one of the fundamental object of nature and a growing interest has been given to the propagation of nonlinear wave in dynamical system. © 2015 M. Younis and S. Ali, licensee De Gruyter Open.

Cheemaa N.,Minhaj University Lahore | Younis M.,University of Punjab
Waves in Random and Complex Media | Year: 2015

An extended Fan sub-equation method is used to seek some new and more general traveling wave solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE). The important fact of this method is to take the full advantage of clear relationship among general elliptic equation involving five parameters and other existing sub-equations involving three parameters. It is preferable to use this method to solve NLSE because this method gives us all the solutions obtained previously by the application of at least four methods (the method of using Riccati equation, or auxiliary ordinary differential equation method, or first kind elliptic equation or the generalized Riccati equation as mapping equation) in a unified manner. So it is shown that this method is concise and its applications are promising. © 2015 Taylor & Francis

Younis M.,University of Punjab | Ali S.,Minhaj University Lahore
Waves in Random and Complex Media | Year: 2015

In this article, the bright, dark, and singular solitons are being constructed for nonlinear longitudinal wave equation with dispersion caused by transverse Poisson’s effect in a magneto-electro-elastic circular rod. The solitary wave ansatz is used to carry out these solutions. The constraint conditions, for the existence of the soliton solutions, are also listed. This article provides a lot of encouragement for the researchers in this era. © 2015 Taylor & Francis

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