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Newport Beach, CA, United States

Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. designs, develops and sells semiconductor solutions for communications applications in wireless and wireline network infrastructure markets. The company is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer. Wikipedia.

Mindspeed Technologies | Date: 2013-02-15

Methods and apparatus for controlling access of a mobile device to a femtocell base station in a communications network are described. The method determines whether to allow access of the mobile device to the femtocell base station based on the femtocell-mobile device path loss for transmissions between the mobile device and the femtocell base station. Access may be allowed if the femtocell-mobile device pathloss is lower than a threshold amount. Additionally or alternatively access may be allowed only if the femtocell-mobile device pathloss is lower than the macrocell-mobile device pathloss for transmissions between the mobile device and a macrocell base station. The method is particularly applicable for hybrid access mode femtocells and additional conditions may be applied regarding the number of mobile device that are not part of the subscriber group that can access the femtocell. The method may be implemented by the femtocell, the macrocell or by any other suitable network device.

Mindspeed Technologies | Date: 2013-10-19

Method, multi-mode base station and computer program product for controlling communication between a user equipment (UE) and the multi-mode base station, the multi-mode base station being arranged to operate as a plurality of cells, the plurality of cells comprising a first cell using a first radio access technology and a second cell using a second radio access technology. The UE is operating in the first cell. Operating conditions of the first and second cells are monitored, and based on the monitored operating conditions of the first and second cells, it is determined that making a handover of the UE to the second cell would provide a performance improvement. In response to determining that making a handover of the UE to the second cell would provide a performance improvement, a handover is made of the UE to the second cell, thereby providing the performance improvement.

Mindspeed Technologies | Date: 2013-12-02

A reconfigurable DC-DC converter including a controller is disclosed which automatically adjusts the mode of operation (buck mode or boost mode) depending on the system requirements and is able to achieve the maximum efficiency and the lowest inductance current. The method of switching between buck and boost mode allows the converter to operate to 100% duty cycle for buck mode and 0% duty cycle for boost mode. This maximizes efficiency since the buck-boost mode of operation is eliminated and improves the stability and reliability of the system. A converter output voltage is processed and compared to a control voltage to generate buck and boost comparator output signals. The buck and boost comparator output signals are provided to control logic, which generates switch control signals, which are provided to the DC-DC converter to establish buck mode, boost mode, or pass-through mode.

Mindspeed Technologies | Date: 2015-04-06

An electrical interface on a circuit board is disclosed for electrically connecting the circuit board to a connector to reduce reflections and impedance mismatch and increase power transfer from the connector to the signal path of the circuit board. The signal interface includes a signal conductor including a signal pad configured to connect to a connector pin and a waveguide section extending from the signal pad. The waveguide narrows from a signal pad width to connect to a microstrip conductor. A first ground section is spaced rightward from the signal conductor such that the inner edge of the first ground section, angles in correspondence with the narrowing of the waveguide to generally track an outer right edge of the waveguide. A second ground section is spaced leftward from the signal conductor and configured generally similarly to the first ground section.

Mindspeed Technologies | Date: 2013-12-23

A system is disclosed to automatically establish proper biasing for light sources in a color mixed projection system having multiple light sources which are active at the same time. Responsive to a feedback signal, a single DC-DC converter generates the bias voltage for the light sources. Comparators compare a headroom signal for each light source to a reference value to generate comparator output signals. The comparator output signals are processed by a channel selector and a digital filter/DAC module. The channel selector controls a switch to selectively provide and combine a headroom signal with an output of the digital filter/DAC module to create the feedback signal. By monitoring each headroom value, the bias voltage is adjusted, based on the feedback signal, until every headroom signal reaches the reference value thereby achieving sufficient biasing for every active light source in the color mixed projection system.

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