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Billerica, MA, United States

Millipore | Date: 2015-08-06

A method and device for packing a chromatography column formed of one or more vibration devices attached to top and/or bottom flanges of the column. Media is added in one or more steps to the column, allowed to settle under the effects of gravity and then subjected to one or more treatments of vibration from the vibration devices until a suitably packed column is obtained. Liquid used to suspend the media while being placed into the column may be at least partially removed before or during the vibration step(s). The remaining liquid is then removed or replaced after the packing has been obtained.

In various embodiments, the present invention provides a process for separating target proteins from non-target proteins in a sample comprising increasing the concentration of the target proteins and non-target proteins in the sample and subsequently delivering the concentrated sample to a chromatography device. In other embodiments, the invention relates to a process for increasing the capacity of a chromatography device for a target protein by delivering a concentrated sample comprising the target protein to a chromatography device.

Millipore | Date: 2015-03-23

The present invention is an integral multilayered composite membrane having at least one ultrafiltration layer made by cocasting or sequentially casting a plurality of polymer solutions onto a support to form a multilayered liquid sheet and immersing the sheet into a liquid coagulation bath to effect phase separation and form a multilayered composite membrane having at least one ultrafiltration layer.

Millipore | Date: 2015-04-09

Adsorptive media for chromatography, particularly ion-exchange chromatography, derived from a shaped fiber. In certain embodiments, the functionalized shaped fiber presents a fibrillated or ridged structure which greatly increases the surface area of the fibers when compared to ordinary fibers. Also disclosed herein is a method to add surface pendant functional groups that provides cation-exchange or anion-exchange functionality to the high surface area fibers. This pendant functionality is useful for the ion-exchange chromatographic purification of biomolecules, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

Millipore | Date: 2015-06-02

The present invention is to a prefilter for affinity chromatography columns. The prefilter, positioned upstream of the column inlet, reduces the presence of non-specific binding (NSB) species that enter the system, thereby extending the yield, capacity and lifetime of the column. Suitable agents include but are not limited to hydrophobic entities; lipophilic entities; activated carbon; charged cation or anion entities; ligands; particles such as fumed silica, glass, controlled pore glass or derivitized version of each; silica or silicates; and combinations thereof. The material(s) can be incorporated into a variety of media such as fibers, beads, membranes and the like and then incorporated into a variety of device designs including lenticular pads, depth filters, bead containing columns, spiral wound devices, TFF devices and the like.

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