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An apparatus for measuring the thickness of a measurement object, preferably a measurement object in the form of a web or piece goods, in a measuring gap, with a measuring mechanism which is fitted to a machine frame, wherein the measuring mechanism for measuring the thickness comprises one or more travel measurement sensor(s) aimed at the measurement object, is characterized in that a compensation sensor which is coupled to a travel measurement sensor measures the distance to a reference rule in order to detect and compensate for a change in the measuring gap, in that the reference rule is in the form of a side of a frame-shaped reference device integrated in the measuring mechanism, and in that the reference device is configured in such a manner that the distance between the reference rule and that side of the reference device which is opposite the reference rule is known during the thickness measurement. A corresponding method for measuring the thickness is also stated.

Micro Epsilon GmbH | Date: 2012-11-16

A temperature sensor comprising a sensor element that is arranged in a housing, is characterized in that the sensor element is totally enclosed with a thermally conductive material, preferably with a thermally conductive paste, inside the housing.

Micro Epsilon GmbH | Date: 2011-08-12

A method for detecting magnetic fields, particularly for detecting the position of objects with a preferably oblong, soft-magnetic element, which is connected to electronics, with via the electronics the impedance of the soft-magnetic material is measured, characterized in that a magnetic field is used in which by the position of an object which is located in an arrangement with the soft-magnetic material the magnetic field develops at the location of the soft-magnetic material, with the magnetic permeability of the soft-magnetic material adjusting, depending on the magnetic field and thus the position of the object. A respective device serves for applying the method according to the invention.

Micro Epsilon GmbH | Date: 2011-03-29

A bushing of an electrical conductor through a wall which separates two regions from one another, wherein the conductor extends through a passage in the wall, at a distance from said wall, characterized in that a sleeve, which is electrically insulated from the passage and is hermetically sealed, preferably extends approximately coaxially through the passage, and in that the electrical conductor extends through the sleeve and is incorporated in the sleeve in a hermetically sealed, preferably integral, manner.

Micro Epsilon GmbH | Date: 2012-05-03

An inductively operating sensor, particularly for measuring distances and positions of a metallic object, comprising at least a coil, a ferromagnetic or ferritic core and perhaps a housing comprising a sensor element, with the core being embedded in a single or multi-layered ceramic and jointly with the ceramic forming a coil body and with the coil body and the core being connected to each other in a form-fitting fashion. Furthermore, a method is suggested for producing such a sensor.

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