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Jyvaskyla, Finland

Metso Paper Inc. | Date: 2012-11-14

The invention relates to a method in a fiber web machine. In the method, a fabric (

The positions of the slitter blades of a slitter-winder are calibrated using a laser to perform measurement and calibration of the fiber web cutting point of each slitter blade pair. Measurement and calibration is preformed on the top slitter blade of each of a multiplicity of slitter blade pairs one after another. The laser measures one slitter blade of each slitter blade pair while they are engaged. The slitter blade pairs between the laser and the slitter blade pair being measured are not engaged. Carriages which support the slitter blades have position sensors which the laser measurements calibrate and the blade pair positions are measured and the carriage positions are read simultaneously. The cutting edges of the slitter blades are sharpened to have straight sides and the laser measurement system is located so the laser beam is directed to the straight side.

Metso Paper Inc. | Date: 2013-12-12

The present invention is directed to an apparatus and a method for unloading a stockpile with an elongated unloading bridge, which is provided at its both ends with support wheels, the unloading bridge being horizontally movable at least in an essentially transverse direction with respect to a longitudinal direction of the unloading bridge. The unloading bridge includes at least one car movable along the unloading bridge, the car comprising at least one rake extending essentially transversally with respect to a longitudinal direction of the unloading bridge and inclined to a position between the horizontal and the vertical. Characteristically, the unloading bridge includes at least two adjacent conveyor screws below the unloading bridge and extending between the ends of the unloading bridge, each conveyor screw being provided with a thread opposite to that of an adjacent conveyor screw, and each conveyor screw being rotatable in a direction opposite to that of an adjacent conveyor screw. Further, the conveyor screws are positioned adjacently so that a free space is left between them, and the threads and rotating directions of the conveyor screws have been arranged so that the conveyor screws are adapted to forming a bank in the free space between them.

A method and apparatus for winding fiber webs, particularly paper and board webs, in which partial web rolls (R

Metso Paper Inc. | Date: 2013-08-26

Partial webs are separated in a slitter-winder. The partial webs (WP) are separated by spreading in a spreading device having at least a first, bowed spreader roll (

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