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Houston, TX, United States

The University Of Texas System and Methodist Hospital Research Institute | Date: 2014-03-27

The present invention provides methods and compositions for the nanotechnology-based therapy of one or more mammalian diseases. Disclosed are gold-in-porous silicon nanoassemblies that are effective in the targeted and localized treatment of one or more human hyperproliferative disorders, including, for example, cancer of the breast. Methods of systemic administration of these nanoassembly vectors are disclosed that facilitate direct thermal ablative therapy of selected tissues using a localized application of near-infrared energy to the target site, wherein the gold-in-porous silicon nanoparticles release heat to destroy the surrounding cancerous tissue.

Disclosed are multivalent, integrin-receptor antagonists that are useful in a variety of therapeutic, prophylactic, and/or diagnostic imaging modalities. In illustrative embodiments, such compounds have been prepared and utilized in the imaging, detection, localization, and/or quantitation of one or more samples of biological interest. Similarly, these compounds, as well as formulations comprising them, find utility in the prevention, treatment, and/or amelioration of one or more symptoms of a disease, abnormal condition, dysfunction, etc., including, for example proliferative diseases such as cancer in affected animals. In certain embodiments, fluorescently- or radio-labeled-non-peptidic, multivalent integrin

Methodist Hospital Research Institute | Date: 2013-03-13

A stent system is provided that includes a stent and a migration-prevention bridle extending from the stent and secured to a portion of the body so as to resist or prevent movement of the stent relative to the portion of the body. Methods of use include positioning a stent that includes a one-way valve in an unexpanded orientation in an passageway of a patient, expanding the stent after being located adjacent an esophageal perforation such that the one-way valve controls the flow of material through the esophageal passageway, and extending a migration-prevention bridle into the esophageal passageway and securing it to the stent. A second portion of the migration-prevention bridle is then secured to a body part of the patient to help resist or prevent migration of the stent. Additional methods, systems, stent apparatuses, and a kit including a stent and instructions for the use of same are also provided.

Methodist Hospital Research Institute | Date: 2015-06-12

Disclosed are methods and compositions for the detection of one or more different types of cellular biomarkers in a biological sample, and in particular, methods and compositions for the rapid, one-step, highly-cell specific detection of circulating tumor cells from minute quantities of mammalian biological fluids, including, for example, from a single drop of human blood. In certain embodiments, distinctly-labeled, multi-aptamer detection reagents are provided for detecting and quantitating selected cancer cells in clinical samples such as patient specimens and/or tissues. Aptamer-based imaging methodologies are also provided for use in a variety of diagnostic assay protocols.

Methodist Hospital Research Institute | Date: 2014-04-30

Disclosed are compound for targeting chemotherapeutic agents to mammalian mitochondria. Also disclosed are monoamine oxidase-specific compositions, and methods of using them for the selective therapy of mammalian cancers, and in particular, in the treatment of human gliomas. Also disclosed are methods employing the novel targeted chemotherapeutics with one or more conventional anti-cancer therapies, including, for example, radiotherapy, or multi-drug regimens.

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