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Portland, OR, United States

Meridian | Date: 2014-06-17

A multi-function closure is provided for a liquid containment tank. The tank has an upper wall with an inspection opening therein. The closure includes a ring attached to the upper wall and extending around the inspection opening. A pan is removably fastened to the ring, and has a bottom and side wall forming a reservoir for collection of spilled liquid. A lid is pivotally connected to the pan for movement between open and closed positions, and can be locked in the closed position. Multiple ports are formed in the bottom of the pan for filling the tank with liquid, and suctioning or pumping liquid from the tank for discharge.

Meridian | Date: 2015-01-02

A seed cart includes first and second mating frames. The hopper is mounted on the first frame for holding seed and has an outlet to discharge the seed. A conveyor is mounted on the second frame for movement between seed loading and unloading positions. A plurality of cylinders with extendible and retractable arms control the desired position of the conveyor. A plurality of load cells are mounted on the second frame and support the first frame. The weigh scales weigh the first frame, the hopper, and the seed in the hopper, without weighing the conveyor. Therefore, an accurate amount of seed can be dispensed from the hopper via the conveyor. Wheels and a hitch tongue can be detachably mounted on the second frame to convert the cart from a stationary unit to a mobile unit.

Meridian and Ningbo Meizhi Tools Co. | Date: 2015-02-05

The sprinkler has a drive motor with a gear assembly with a drive gear that is engaged with the sun gear of the flow adapter. A motor housing has a gear train chamber for the gear assembly, and a first chamber and a second chamber each providing for a path of flow. A switching mechanism has a valve block for alternatingly blocking and establishing the path of flow through one of the first chamber and the second chamber of the motor housing. A water wheel alternating in rotation between a clockwise direction and a counter clockwise direction based on the path of flow from one of the first chamber and the second chamber of the motor housing and engaging the gear assembly to rotate the gear assembly back and forth around the sun gear of the flow adapter and simultaneously moving the oscillating nozzle.

Meridian | Date: 2014-03-10

An auto-injector apparatus and associated methods utilizing specific dimensions and parameters of use for the auto-injector are provided for achieving increased effectiveness of the auto-injector device in delivering medicament into the patients body, and in dispersion of the medicament from the initial injection site into the surrounding bodily tissues.

Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics and Meridian | Date: 2015-04-17

The present invention provides systems and methods for radiometrically measuring temperature and detecting tissue contact during ablation. An interface module includes a first input/output (I/O) port for receiving radiometer and thermocouple signals from an integrated catheter tip (ICT) that includes a radiometer; a second I/O port for receiving ablative energy from an electrosurgical generator; a temperature display; a patient relay; a computer-readable medium storing radiometer and thermocouple parameters and instructions for causing the processor to: calculate a temperature adjacent to the ICT based on the radiometer and thermocouple signals and the parameters; causing the temperature display to display the calculated temperature; closing the patient relay to pass ablative energy from the second to the first I/O port; determining whether the ICT is in contact with tissue based on the radiometer signal. An output device indicates whether the ICT is determined to be in contact with the tissue.

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