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Duluth, GA, United States

Merial is a multinational animal health company. Wikipedia.

Merial Limited | Date: 2015-02-26

The present invention provides for a novel oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion, with increased stability in the presence of bacterial or viral suspensions, especially those concentrated and non-purified (crude extracts) or minimally purified. The emulsion of the present invention can act as vehicle for the delivery of a pharmaceutical composition comprising at least one immunogen and, in particular, an immunogen selected from the group consisting of an inactivated pathogen, an attenuated pathogen, a subunit, a recombinant expression vector, and a plasmid or combinations thereof.

The invention relates to oral, topical or injectable compositions for combating liver fluke parasites in mammals, comprising at least one benzimidazole derivative active agent. The invention also provides for an improved method for eradicating and controlling liver fluke parasite infections and infestations in a mammal comprising administering the compositions of the invention to the mammal in need thereof.

This invention relates to veterinary compositions for treating and/or preventing fleas or ticks infection or infestation in an animal comprising an isoxazoline active agent of Formula (II): or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

Merial Limited | Date: 2014-10-30

The present invention relates to novel and inventive isoxazoline of formula (I) and salts thereof: wherein variables D

The present invention provides attenuated

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