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Duluth, GA, United States

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The invention relates to oral, topical or injectable compositions for combating liver fluke parasites in mammals, comprising at least one indole derivative active agent. The invention also provides for an improved method for eradicating and controlling liver fluke parasite infections and infestations in a mammal comprising administering the compositions of the invention to the mammal in need thereof.

This disclosure describes the results of the studies conducted to develop a dissolution method to monitor release profiles of hydrophobic active pharmaceutical ingredients such as ivermectin with or without pyrantel pamoate from a drug product made of complex matrix that includes, but is not limited to beef, tallow, corn cob and soy protein.

Merial Inc. | Date: 2015-01-20

The invention is a pour-on antiparasitic formulation having superior water resistant properties. The pour-on formulation utilizes one or more polymers (water insoluble with or without water soluble) in the range of about 5 to about 40% w/w, one or more solvents in the range of about 50 to about 94% w/w, with or without additive (e.g., isopropanol or ethanol) in the range of about 5 to about 30% w/w, and optionally a plasticizer in the range of about 0.5 to about 25% w/w. The pour-on antiparasitic formulation features limited spreading when applied to animals (cattle, sheep, dogs and the like). The pour-on antiparasitic formulation further partially evaporates, leaving a water resistant polymer matrix that diffuses at least one active ingredient to the animals skin.

The present invention relates to novel dihydroazole of formula (I) and salts thereof: Wherein R

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