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Nupponen K.,Merenneidontie 19 D | Fibiger M.,Merenneidontie 19 D
Nota Lepidopterologica | Year: 2012

Faunistic records additional to the recently published lists of Bombycoidea and Noctuoidea of the South Ural Mountains (Nupponen & Fibiger 2002, 2006) are presented, as well as some interesting records from the North Urals and the Lower Volga region. The material in the southern Urals was collected during 2006-2010 in six different expeditions, in North Ural in 2003 and 2007, and in t\he Lower Volga region in 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2006 in four expeditions. Four species are reported for the first time from Europe: Dichagyris latipennis (Püngeler, 1909), Pseudohermonassa melancholica (Lederer, 1853), Spaelotis deplórala (Staudinger, 1897), and Xestia albonigra (Kononenko, 1981 ). Fourteen species are reported for the first time from the southern Urals. Altogether, records of 68 species are reported, including a few corrections to the previous articles. Further illustrations and notes on some poorly known taxa are given.

The status of Pelochrista maculiferana (Kennel, 1900), bona sp., comb, nov., which was until now considered a synonym of Epiblema junctanum (Herrich-Schäffer, 1856), is revised and this species, now considered a good species, is redescribed. Additionally, notes on eight poorly known species of Tortricidae from the Volgo-Ural region are provided. Lobesia subherculeana (Filipjev, 1924), Asketria lepta Falkovitsh, 1964, Eucosma pergratana (Rebel, 1914), and Dichrorampha alaicana (Rebel, 1910) are reported as new to Europe, and Eucosma medvedevi (Gerasimov, 1928), Clepsis nybomi (Hackman, 1950), and Asketria lepta Falkovitsh, 1964 as new to Russia. The adults of seven of these species and the genitalia of four of them are illustrated.

Nupponen K.,Merenneidontie 19 D | Sinev S.Yu.,Russian Academy of Sciences
Entomologica Fennica | Year: 2011

Three new species of the family Scythrididae are described from Central Asian mountains: Scythris cultelloides Nupponen & Sinev, sp. n., S. danilevskyi Nupponen & Sinev, sp. n. and S. ganesha Nupponen & Sinev, sp. n. One unknown species is reported but not formally described because only a single female is available. © Entomológica Fennica.

Records of five species embracing 211 specimens of the family Scythrididae from the islands of Socotra and Maldives in the Indian Ocean are presented. The material was collected during four trips in 2008-2010 on Socotra, and in December 2011 on the Maldives. Two new species are described: Scythris digitibasella Nupponen & Saldaitis sp. nov. from Socotra and S. atollicola Nupponen, Saldaitis & Fischer sp. nov. from the Maldives. Catascythris kebirella Amsel, 1935 and Scythris paralogella Bengtsson, 2002 are reported as new to Socotra. The known distributional range of each species is given. Copyright © 2013 Magnolia Press.

Junnilainen J.,Mahlapolku 3 | Karsholt O.,Universitetsparken 15 | Nupponen K.,Merenneidontie 19 D | Kaitila J.-P.,Kannuskuja 8 D 37 | And 2 more authors.
Zootaxa | Year: 2010

A list comprising 236 species in the family Gelechiidae from the southern Ural Mountains is presented. The material was collected during 1996-2007 on 21 different Finnish-Russian expeditions. The following new combinations are proposed: Caulastrocecis interstratella (Christoph, 1873) comb. n., Megacraspedus balneariellus (Chretien, 1907) comb. n., Megacraspedus fallax (Mann, 1867) comb. n., Megacraspedus lagopellus Herrich-Schaffer, 1860 comb. rev., Megacraspedus niphorrhoa (Meyrick, 1926) comb. n., Scrobipalpa adaptata (Povolný, 2001) comb. n., Scrobipalpa dorsoflava (Povolný, 1996) comb. n., Scrobipalpa notata (Povolný, 2001) comb. n. and Scrobipalpa punctata (Povolný, 1996) comb. n. Neofriseria mongolinella Piskunov, 1987 stat. rev. is raised to the species rank (from subsp. of N. sceptrophora (Meyrick, 1926)). Previously unknown females of four species are described: Megacraspedus niphorrhoa (Meyrick, 1926), Monochroa nomadella (Zeller, 1868), Ivanauskiella psamathias (Meyrick, 1891) and Filatima zagulajevi Anikin & Piskunov, 1996. Trichembola neurophanes (Meyrick, 1926) syn. n. is shown to be a synonym of Megacraspedus fallax (Mann, 1867). Three separate species complexes are briefly discussed: Stomopteryx mongolica Povolny, 1975, Stomopteryx remissella (Zeller, 1847) and Aristotelia subericinella (Duponchel, 1843); each of them seems to contain unresolved taxonomic problems. Three species are reported for the first time from Europe: Neofriseria mongolinella Piskunov, 1987, Stomopteryx mongolica Povolný, 1975, and Anarsia sibirica Park & Ponomarenko, 1996. The following species are newly recorded from Russia: Apatetris kinkerella (Snellen, 1876), Catatinagma trivittellum Rebel, 1903, Megacraspedus balneariellus (Chrétien, 1907), Megacraspedus niphorrhoa (Meyrick, 1926), Chrysoesthia falkovitshi Lvovsky & Piskunov, 1989, Metzneria diffusella Englert, 1974, Ptocheuusa paupella (Zeller, 1847), Ptocheuusa abnormella (Herrich-Schäffer, 1854), Monochroa parvulata Gozmány, 1957, Eulamprotes plumbella (Heinemann, 1870), Aroga aristotelis (Millière, 1876), Filatima transsilvanella Z. Kovács & S. Kovács, 2001, Scrobipalpa adaptata (Povolný, 2001), Scrobipalpa dorsoflava (Povolný, 1996), Scrobipalpa halonella (Herrich- Scháffer, 1854), Scrobipalpa lutea Povolný, 1977, Scrobipalpa magnificella Povolný, 1967, Scrobipalpa notata (Povolný, 2001), Scrobipalpa plesiopicta (Povolný, 1969), Scrobipalpa pulchra (Povolný, 1967), Scrobipalpa punctata (Povolný, 1996), Scrobipalpula diffluella (Frey, 1870), Caryocolum amaurella (M. Hering, 1924), Caryocolum repentis Huemer & Luquet, 1992, Syncopacma incognitana Gozmány, 1957, Syncopacma azosterella (Herrich-Schaffer, 1855), Syncopacma polychromella (Rebel, 1902), Brachmia procursella Rebel, 1903. Copyright © 2010 Magnolia Press.

Nupponen K.,Merenneidontie 19 D | Ahola M.,Metsanreunantie 27 G | Nieminen M.,University of Helsinki | Jurivete U.,Moora Umb 8
Nota Lepidopterologica | Year: 2015

Records of Ethmia pyrausta (Pallas, 1771) from the Baltic countries, the British Isles and Fennoscandia are listed. All known aspects of habitat requirements, larval biology and adult behaviour, mostly based on our own observations in the field, are described. Instructions for conservation and habitat management are presented. The larva is described and illustrated in detail.

Nupponen K.,Merenneidontie 19 D | Sihvonen P.,Kaarmekuusenpolku 4 C 11 | Sihvonen P.,University of Helsinki
Nota Lepidopterologica | Year: 2013

A new geometrid genus, Dorsispina, with the type species Dorsispina furcicornaria sp. n. (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Ennominae), is described and illustrated from the River Emba, western Kazakhstan. A single adult male was found in late September, flying rapidly in sunshine about two hours before sunset in a sandy riverside dune surrounded by chalk steppes. The species has several unique, diagnostic features not seen in other Palaearctic Geometridae, for instance a thorax with a Y-shaped sclerotised extension and abdominal tergites 3-8 that are densely covered with sclerotised spines. Systematic position of Dorsispina within the Ennominae is uncertain; it is tentatively classified in the Ennominae tribe Boarmiini. Various abdominal sclerotisations across Ennominae taxa from the tribes Boarmiini (Biston Leach, [1815] 1830 and related genera), Wilemanini and Desertobini, are illustrated and their potential relationships are discussed.

Nupponen K.,Merenneidontie 19 D | Kullberg J.,University of Helsinki
Entomologica Fennica | Year: 2013

Recent records of eight little known species of the family Scythrididae from Morocco are presented. The material was collected during two trips in mid-May 2010 and 2011. Scythris scutulella Nupponen, sp. n. is described. The previously unknown female genitalia of S. maculosa Bengtsson, 1997 are illustrated and described, and four species are reported as new to the Maghreb area. The known distribution range of each species is given. © Entomologica Fennica. 18 December 2013.

Junnilainen J.,Mahlapolku 3 | Nupponen K.,Merenneidontie 19 D
Zootaxa | Year: 2010

This paper is the first in a two-part series treating the family Gelechiidae from the Southern Ural Mountains, including newly described species. The material was collected during 1996-2007 on 21 different Finnish-Russian expeditions. Catatinagma Rebel, 1903, stat. rev., is removed from synonymy of Apatetris Staudinger, 1879, and is now considered valid. Two generic names are synonymized: Coloptilia Fletcher, 1940, syn. n. of Catatinagma and Chilopselaphus Mann, 1867, syn. n. of Megacraspedus Zeller, 1839. A short introduction is given for the following unrevised genera: Apatetris Staudinger, 1879, Catatinagma Rebel, 1903 comb. rev., Caulastrocecis Chrétien, 1931 and Megacraspedus Zeller, 1839. Seventeen new species are described: Catatinagma kraterella Junnilainen & Nupponen sp. n., Metanarsia guberlica Nupponen sp. n., Caulastrocecis perexigella Junnilainen sp. n., Megacraspedus litovalvellus Junnilainen sp. n., Megacraspedus multispinella Junnilainen & Nupponen sp. n., Megacraspedus orenburgensis Junnilainen & Nupponen sp. n., Megacraspedus albovenata Junnilainen sp. n., Megacraspedus longipalpella Junnilainen sp. n., Monochroa uralensis Junnilainen sp. n., Teleiodes kaitilai Junnilainen sp. n., Athrips aquila Junnilainen sp. n., Athrips bidzilyai Junnilainen sp. n., Ephysteris tenuisaccus Nupponen sp. n., Hedma karsholti Nupponen sp. n., Lutilabria prolata Junnilainen & Nupponen sp. n., Syncopacma steppicolella Junnilainen sp. n. and Helcystogramma flavescens Junnilainen sp. n. Copyright © 2010 Magnolia Press.

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