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Mercu Buana University is a private university located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was established on October 22, 1985. Its main campus – Campus A – is located in Meruya, West Jakarta. Campus B is in Menteng and Campus C in Depok. Wikipedia.

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Budi Utami T.,Mercu Buana University | Susetyo B.,Mercu Buana University
MATEC Web of Conferences | Year: 2017

The development of physical boundaries in real estate created by developers has experienced changes that are dependent on time and environmental conditions of the vicinity. This also applies to the access of communities settled within the surrounding area into real estate. This study aims to describe the typology of accessibility of surrounding settlements (unplanned settlement) transitioning into a real estate environment (planned settlement) in South Tangerang, by using case studies of Bintaro Jaya real estate. The research method is done through surveys and interviews by individuals who understand the development process of access and the existing boundaries. Typology of accessibility will be described by using two variables, namely, whether or not there is access and its conditions. The results show that there are four types of access namely: access is planned and integrated within the existing; access is planned, but less integrated within the existing; access is made by dismantling most of the boundary; and no access. Although several typologies of accessibility can result in conflicts, yet job opportunities inside a real estate environment tend to be good with all access typologies. The physical boundary of real estate can potentially be good interface to be developed between two distinct settlements. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2017.

Nurlaelah A.,Diponegoro University | Sudjadi U.,Mercu Buana University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The classification of residential defects (case study: Citra Garden Residence in Indonesia) was studied. This study aims to more satisfied customers. The study begins with the literature review to formulate the classification of house defects. Then classify the defect of house into two, namely the classification of house defects based on period of post hand over, and the classification of house defects based on category of the defects. Further studies followed by dividing the classification of house defects based on period of post-hand over into three parts, namely before hand over period (inviting time), hand over period, and post-hand over period. The next step is to check the complaint report from the customer service in Citra Garden Residence in Indonesia to quantificate the defects of the house. The classification of house defects based on category of the defects divided into two, namely structural defect (minor, moderate, serious), and nonstructural defect (minor, moderate, serious). The next step is also to check the complaint report from the customer service in Citra Garden Residence in Indonesia to quantificate the defects of the house.The results show that complaint hand over in the level minor defect is the highest complaint. Complaint in the serious defect is the lowest complaint. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Nugroho A.,Mercu Buana University
European Research Studies Journal | Year: 2017

The research on ASEAN marketing communication attribute is scarce; therefore, this research is the preliminary research to develop a sound marketing strategy for the ASEAN as ONE collaboration promotion @goaseantv. An exploratory research for the period January until December 2015 @goaseantv findings show that there are only 4 countries promoted among 10 ASEAN member countries. There are 6 topics with the minimum 1.0 eigen value, the marketing communication attributes extracted are ASEAN tourism destination promotion and the scenic proposition, since @goaseantv is an extension information channel from GOASEANTV, therefore there are two popular TV program which are The Eco Traveler and Go Fast Go Home that promoted throught the channel. Furthermore, @goaseantv also has a program to promote halal food, which is Halal Foodie. Finally, this research proposes that The ASEAN as ONE should integrate all ASEAN countries in the @goaseantv marketing communication platform. The majority of activities promoted in @goaseantv is in Malaysia, therefore the @goaseantv should consider to improve the other countries promotion proportion, a collaboration with the ASEAN countries tourism channel should developed to promote a sound ASEAN As ONE brand association.

Sadikin M.,Mercu Buana University
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | Year: 2017

Semantically, objects in unstructured document are related each other to perform a certain entity relation. This certain entity relation such: drug-drug interaction through their compounds, buyer-seller relationship through the goods or services, etc. Motivated by that kind of interaction, this study proposes a method to extract those objects and their interactions. It is presented a general framework of object-interaction mining of large corpora. The framework is started with the initial step in extracting a single object in the unstructured document. In this study, the initial step is a pattern learning method that is applied to drug-label documents to extract drug-names. We utilize an existing external knowledge to identify a certain regular expressions surrounding the targeted object and the probabilities of that regular expression, to perform the pattern learning process. The performance of this pattern learning approach is promising to apply in this relation extraction area. As presented in the results of this study, the best f-score performance of this method is 0.78 f-score. With adjusting of some parameters and or improving the method, the performance can be potentially improved © 2017 Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science. All rights reserved.

Retnowardhani A.,Binus University | Triana Y.S.,Mercu Buana University
Proceedings - 11th 2016 International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems, KICSS 2016 | Year: 2017

Law enforcement authority as decision maker requires future information, which can be predicted through index crime forecasting to determine the level or future crime trend. Processing of data into useful information is indispensable. Crime trend prediction is helpful to make a decision in crime prevention activities. Other than that, law enforcement authority needs several decision options based on crime trend prediction. It is needed because prediction may contain an uncertainty. To obtain that needed a decision making system application is required. This paper presented a proposed decision making system application that can provide information about crime prevention decision options. The decision options are made based on crime forecasting and interval forecasting data. Every selection of each decision option is based on the level of crime forecasting limit range and crime forecasting values. To classify the limit range, then the distribution frequency is used. There is a high level, medium level and low level. Then, a decision options are made based on this level. The if-then rules are used for decision selection processes. The decision result in several probably conditions hopefully can help law enforcement authority for making better crime prevention decision. The system application for this process is named Crime Prevention Decision Support System (CreP-DSS). © 2016 IEEE.

Hardjomuljadi S.,Mercu Buana University
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2016

Variation Order is the things that always happen in every construction project, which in some studies found as one of the causal factor of claims. The variation orders always have a cost and time implication, whatever the variations are there will be a risk that even in the omission of the works, where there are reducti on of the original volume in the Contract, there are risk on additional cost should be take into consideration. The variations in the works, if not handling properly, surely will become the main causal factor of the claims submitted by the contractor. The parties should also be aware that they should pay attention to the clauses related with the variations in the conditions of contract, since misinterpretation and/or different interpretation may lead to dispute. As what Adriaanse [1] said that “A variety of factors makes a construction contract different from most other types of contracts. These include the length of the project, its complexity, its size and the fact that the price agreed and the amount of work done may change as it proceeds”. In the construction contract the most important goal is to complete the project and the premises could be operated without any disputes which are costly and time consuming, it also may hamper the operation which will cause another financial loss to the Employer. The variation orders have many forms, it vary from the Engineer Instruction until the approval of the working drawings which will be used for construction at site. This study concludes that the variation order is the most effective tool for resolving the claim. © Research India Publications.

Alaydrus M.,Mercu Buana University
2014 2nd International Conference on Information and Communication Technology, ICoICT 2014 | Year: 2014

Transmission lines are an important component in electrical engineering, which can be used to guide energy as well as information. Nonhomogeneous transmission lines, which have position varying quantities, can be used to design matching circuit, delay equalizer, filters VLSI interconnections, etc. In analysis of nonhomogeneous transmission lines, an approach based on method of moment is used. As a basis function, a constant function is used and as weighting function we used a delta function or collocation. In this work, we observed several cases such as lossless and lossy homogeneous transmission lines with matching and arbitrary load. These cases verified the algorithm developed in this work. The second example concerned with nonhomogeneous transmission lines, whose results conformed with those given in the literature. The last example consists of nonhomogeneous transmission lines in form of abruptly changing transmission lines. This structure is used to design a low pass filter. The calculated reflection and transmission factor show almost the same results as given with a commercial available software. © 2014 IEEE.

Alaydrus M.,Mercu Buana University
International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics | Year: 2010

Bandpass filters play a significant role in wireless communication systems. Transmitted and received signals have to be filtered at a certain center frequency with a specific bandwidth. In designing of microstrip filters, the first step is to carry out an approximated calculation based on using of concentrated components like inductors and capacitors. After getting the specifications required, we realized the filter structure with the parallel-coupled technique. Experimental verification gives comparison, how close the theoretical results and measurements look like.

Adriansyah A.,Mercu Buana University | Dani A.W.,Mercu Buana University
Proceedings - 2014 Electrical Power, Electronics, Communications, Control and Informatics Seminar, EECCIS 2014. In conjunction with the 1st Joint Conference UB-UTHM | Year: 2014

Smart Home is applied in order to provide comfort, energy efficiency and better security. Smart Home System is still rarely used in Indonesia because of the cost and the difficulty of getting the device. The objective of this paper is to offer a Small Smart Home System designed and created by utilizing WLAN network based on Arduino microcontroller. The system is able to monitor and control lights, room temperature, alarms and other household appliances. Results from testing the system show proper control and control monitoring functions can be performed from a device connected to a network that supports HTML5. © 2014 IEEE.

Izzati T.,Mercu Buana University
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2016

The safety and health problem at work at some construction project is something serious which have to be faced by the workers. Thither are many accur because the construction project has accident risk level. Because of that reason, safety at work needs to induce a big attention especially at contractor side. The aim of this research is to contemplate the effort of a fellowship to prevent accidents at workplace. The methods used the International Labor Organization (ILO)’s statistic and analyzed method to set the ordered series of safe T-score which functions to ascertain out whether the effort of a fellowship to prevent accidents is better or even worsened. The information collected from PT.X, which took in the street and dam infrastructure from 2013 until 2014. The project type is an infrastructure project. The outcome establishes that while their handling, their project, PT.X did not indicate any improvement in the endeavor to prevent accidents from August 2013 until July 2014 (STS from +2.00 until −2.00). © 2016 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.

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