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Brno, Czech Republic

We studied the influence of different selenium (Se) levels on some parameters of the antioxidant potential of lactating sows. The experiment involved 15 sows of the Large White breed divided into 3 equal groups. The addition of Se (from Se-enriched yeast) amounted to 0.0, 0.25 and 0.50 mg per kg of diet in the control, Se1 and Se2 groups, respectively. Erythrocyte Se concentration, glutathione peroxidase (GPx) activity and reduced/oxygenated glutathione ratio were measured as some of the indicators of the sow's antioxidant status. Supplementation of Se at 0.25 mg/kg of diet increased Se concentration (by 50.0%; P<0.01), GPx activity (by 17.0%: P<0.05) and reduced/oxygenated glutathione ratio (by 29.7%; P<0.05). Addition of Se at 0.50 mg/kg of diet increased Se concentration (by 63.6%; P<0.01), GPx activity (by 34.7%; P<0.01) and reduced/oxygenated glutathione ratio (by 64.0%; P<0.01). A significant relationship (P<0.01) was found between the Se concentrations and activity of GPx in erythrocytes from sows in the Se1 and Se2 groups (r=0.76 and 0.77, respectively). Percentage of piglets weaned/born was higher (P>0.05) in the Se2 than in the Se1 and control groups. In summary, addition of 0.25 or 0.50 mg Se/kg of diet can improve antioxidant status of lactating sows, but addition of 0.25 mg Se/kg may be also sufficient. © 2014 by Pavel Horký. Source

Foit J.,Mendel University in Brno
Agricultural and Forest Entomology | Year: 2010

The community composition of early-arriving saproxylic beetles on 80 standing and recently deceased Scots pine trees (Pinus sylvestris L.) was examined. In total, 34 species of saproxylic beetles were found, comprising at least four well-defined groups of species identified by correspondence analysis. Bark thickness, trunk/branch diameter and height above ground significantly affected community composition, with bark thickness being the most important factor. Overall, 13.7% of the variance in species composition was explained by section of the tree that was sampled, a variable that encompasses the three aforementioned parameters. © 2009 The Author. Journal compilation © 2009 The Royal Entomological Society. Source

Trcala M.,Mendel University in Brno
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer | Year: 2012

This paper deals with the numerical solution of a three-dimensional problem of non-isothermal moisture transfer in the anisotropic structure of wood and corresponding wood deformations in convective drying. The simulation is based on the unsteady-state nonlinear diffusion of moisture and heat with respect to the orthotropic nature of wood. The moisture gradient and the temperature gradient are set as driving forces for mass and heat transfer. The model respects the dependence of material coefficients on temperature and moisture, the Soret effect, the Duffour effect and the anisotropic nature of wood. A matrix form of the multiphysics model for FEM solver was derived and numerical simulations were performed. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Krizkova S.,Mendel University in Brno
Acta biochimica Polonica | Year: 2010

Tumour markers are substances produced by malignant cells or by the organism as a response to cancer development. Determination of their levels can, therefore, be used to monitor the risk, presence and prognosis of a cancer disease or to monitor the therapeutic response or early detection of residual disease. Time-consuming imaging methods, examination of cerebrospinal fluid or tumour tissue and assays for hormones and tumour markers have been used for cancer diagnosis. However, no specific marker for diagnosis of childhood solid tumours has been discovered yet. In this study, metallothionein (MT) was evaluated as a prospective marker for such diseases. Serum metallothionein levels of patients with childhood solid tumours were determined using differential pulse voltammetry - Brdicka reaction. A more than 5-fold increase in the amount of metallothionein was found in sera of patients suffering from cancer disease, compared with those in sera of healthy donors. The average metallothionein level in the sera of healthy volunteers was 0.5 ± 0.2 μmol dm 3 and was significantly different (p<0.05, determined using the Schefe test) from the average MT level found in serum samples of patients suffering from childhood solid tumours (3.4 ± 0.8 μmol dm 3). Results found in this work indicate that the MT level in blood serum can be considered as a promising marker for diagnostics, prognosis and estimation of therapy efficiency of childhood tumours. Source

Bezdek J.,Mendel University in Brno
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | Year: 2012

First data on Galerucinae from Socotra Island (Yemen) are presented. Six species are reported, among them a new genus and five new species are described: Beenenia gen. nov. with B. scanticola sp. nov. as type species, B. kabateki sp. nov., Monolepta suchomeli sp. nov., Monolepta hlavaci sp. nov., and Monolepta kmenti sp. nov. A review of Galerucinae from continental Yemen based on the literature data and newly collected material is presented with five new records: Aulacophora calva Anand & Cox, 1986, Galerudolphia arabica (Medvedev, 1996), Nymphius buettikeri (Medvedev, 1996), N. millingeni (Pic, 1915) and Madurasia obscurella Jacoby, 1896. Source

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