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Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Lightman K.,MEMS Industry Group
Electronic Products (Garden City, New York) | Year: 2010

Leading microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) experts share their views regarding the integration of MEMS with digital signal processors (DSP)/microprocessors. Mark Martin, vice president of MEMS and Sensor Technology at Analog Devices, said that processors can be used for backend processing, merging the inertial sensors with other system sensors in a function like a Kalman filter. Ed Brachocki, director of marketing at Kionix, explained that algorithm development is a crucial step towards integrating sensors with DSP/micros. Stafford Johnson, engineering manager at MEMSCAP, expressed the importance of customers engaging with MEMS foundries early in the design process to determine the best methodology for integration. Thorsten Matthias, global business development director at EV Group (EVG), identified the integration of MEMS with CMOS as a major driver behind the implementation of 200-mm wafers for MEMS manufacturing.

Lightman K.,MEMS Industry Group
Electronic Products | Year: 2012

Several suppliers and users of electronic devices presented their conflicting views during the panels of the MEMS track at 2012 Sensors Expo. Steve Whalley, director for Sensors at Intel's Architecture Group, would like to see MEMS products adhere to common guidelines on how parameters are tested, validated, calibrated and, ultimately, specified in data sheets. Jeannette Wilson, product line manager for Consumer and Industrial Sensors at Freescale Semiconductor, would like standards for measuring and specifying algorithm performance. Rob O'Reilly, senior member of the technical staff in the MEMS and Sensors Technology Group at Analog Devices, said that it will start with parameters such as offset, sensitivity, and output protocols, and added that there is already momentum around the latter as well as operating voltage, FIFO structure, and data rates. As MEMS takes on more diverse applications, Dell's Clardy clarified the broader environment that success brings in dealing with supply-chain management.

Lightman K.,MEMS Industry Group
Electronic Products (Garden City, New York) | Year: 2012

Knowing the fusion support available for sensors based on micro-electromechanical systems can help jump start designs. Sensor fusion lets designers trade off strengths and weaknesses of various sensors in order to achieve far greater optimizations. The electronic compass sensor-fusion library from Bosch Sensortec supports the combination of 3-axis geomagnetic sensor and 3-axis accelerometer. Enabling 6 degrees-of-freedom (DOF), this software provides tilt compensation, calibrates the electronic compass, and corrects for both magnetic offsets and accelerometer output data. Last month at the 2012 International CES, Bosch Sensortec expanded its offering from a 6-axis solution to a complete 9 DOF sensor-fusion library, by adding support for its new consumer 3-axis gyroscope. The sensorfusion software gives manufacturers a complete plug-and-play system solution for navigation and motion control.

Lightman K.,MEMS Industry Group | Sandfox D.,MEMS Sensors
Electronic Products (Garden City, New York) | Year: 2011

MEMS technology is enabling new biomedical applications that improve quality of life (QoL) in a variety of ways. The design of the Total Artificial Heart enables the patient's body to automatically adjust blood flow according to his or her activity level, providing more blood flow during exercise than at rest. With this improvement in circulation, the health of the patient's other vital organs often significantly improves, resulting in an overall stronger body and a better transplant candidate. The Total Artificial Heart began sustaining patients in the hospital with its 418-lb Big Blue driver in the early 1980s. The Companion, a newer and smaller hospital driver, received the European CE Mark in 2009. CE-approved in Europe, the Freedom driver is currently in an FDA-approved clinical study in the US in which stable Total Artificial Heart patients who meet study criteria may have the option to be discharged from the hospital with the Freedom portable driver, to wait for their matching donor heart at home and in their communities.

Lightman K.,MEMS Industry Group
Electronic Products | Year: 2014

Industry innovators agree that the consumer's passion for intelligent mobile electronics will drive the growth of smart devices. Smartphones are evolving quickly, with powerful processors, high-resolution cameras, and a wide range of MEMS and sensors making new classes of applications possible. Jungkee Lee, principal engineer at Samsung, expects more functional modules embedded in smartphones, including pico projectors, noninvasive glucose meters, and food spectrometers. Jong Sup Baek, innovation technologist at LG, believes that smartphones will become like smart gateways. Wolfgang Schmitt, senior manager strategic marketing at Bosch Sensortec, calls the smartphone the hub for managing and communicating with all the smart things in the user's daily smart environment.

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