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Sunnyvale, CA, United States

Mellanox Technologies is a provider of Ethernet and InfiniBand computer network switches and host bus adapters, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and Yokneam, Israel. Wikipedia.

Mellanox Technologies | Date: 2015-06-29

Lock access is managed in a data network having an initiator node and a remote target by issuing a lock command from a first process to the remote target via an initiator network interface controller to establish a lock on a memory location, and prior to receiving a reply to the lock command communicating a data access request to the memory location from the initiator network interface controller. Prior to receiving a reply to the data access request, an unlock command issues from the initiator network interface controller. The target network interface controller determines the lock content, and when permitted by the lock accesses the memory location. After accessing the memory location the target network interface controller executes the unlock command. When the lock prevents data access, the lock operation is retried a configurable number of times until data access is allowed or a threshold is exceeded.

Mellanox Technologies | Date: 2015-08-25

A method for communication includes posting, by a software process, a set of buffers in a memory of a host processor and creating in the memory a list of labels associated respectively with the buffers. The software process pushes a first part of the list to a network interface controller (NIC), while retaining a second part of the list in the memory under control of the software process. Upon receiving a message containing a label, sent over a network, the NIC compares the label to the labels in the first part of the list and, upon finding a match to the label, writes data conveyed by the message to a buffer in the memory. Upon a failure to find the match in the first part of the list, the NIC passes the message from the NIC to the software process for handling using the second part of the list.

Mellanox Technologies | Date: 2015-05-26

A method includes communicating between at least first and second devices over a bus in accordance with a bus address space, including providing direct access over the bus to a local address space of the first device by mapping at least some of the addresses of the local address space to the bus address space. In response to indicating, by the first device or the second device, that the second device requires to access a local address in the local address space that is not currently mapped to the bus address space, the local address is mapped to the bus address space, and the local address is accessed directly, by the second device, using the mapping.

Mellanox Technologies | Date: 2015-06-22

A method in a network element that includes multiple interfaces for connecting to a communication network includes receiving via an ingress interface packets that are not allowed to undergo re-routing and that are addressed to a destination via a first egress interface. The packets are forwarded via the first egress interface when there is a valid path from the first egress interface to the destination. When there is no valid path from the first egress interface to the destination, a second egress interface is selected from a group of multiple egress interfaces that have respective paths to the destination and are assigned to packets for which re-routing is allowed, and the packets are forwarded via the second egress interface until recovering a path to the destination.

Mellanox Technologies | Date: 2015-06-08

A network element includes circuitry and one or more interfaces. The interfaces are configured to connect to a communication network. The circuitry is configured to assign multiple egress interfaces corresponding to respective different paths via the communication network for routing packets to a given destination-address group, to hold, for the given destination-address group, respective state information for each of multiple sets of hash results, to receive via an ingress interface a packet destined to the given destination-address group, to calculate a given hash result for the packet and identify a given set of hash results in which the given hash result falls, and to forward the packet via one of the multiple egress interfaces in accordance with the state information corresponding to the given destination-address group and the given set of hash results.

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