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Nago, Japan

Meio University is a public university in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Meio was established as a private university in 1994, and was reorganized as a public university in 2010. Wikipedia.

de A. Moura A.C.,Meio University | Lee P.C.,University of Stirling
International Journal of Primatology

Relatively few studies have explored sex differences in the use of foraging tools among primates other than apes. Although male primates are thought to be more innovative, researchers have reported a female sex bias in the use of feeding tools in wild chimpanzees. We investigate here the nature and extent of sex differences in foraging tool use over 12 mo in a free-ranging group of bearded capuchins (2 males, 5 females, and 3 juveniles) living in the dry Caatinga forests of the Serra da Capivara National Park, Piaui, Brazil. These capuchins used 3 major types of feeding tools: 1) tools for probing; 2) tools for pounding/cracking; and 3) digging stones to extract tubers or roots. Adult males performed 63% (n = 134) of all events of tool use and used tools significantly more frequently than did females, although male bout lengths across all tools (57 s ± 7.9 SE) were equivalent to those of adult females (47.3 s ± 12.6 SE). Both sexes used digging and cracking tools, although at different rates, whereas adult males used sticks to probe for prey and other rewards far more than females. Differential opportunities to use tools were not apparent: >71% of tool-use events occurred on the ground, and males and females spent equal time on the ground. We suggest that sex differences in tool use may function as opportunities for male signaling of investment quality. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2010. Source

Ali F.,Meio University | Shima Y.,IVI
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

Provision of big data analysis in a customer-friendly applicable form, with ease and affordable cost to a wide range of customers and businesses is still a big challenge for data scientists and engineers. In this study, we focus on analysis of data and visualization of information and knowledge that eases application for customers. Present a framework for analysis. We analyze Twitter messages related to a one-year span in a specific geographical area, Okinawa Main Island. Our approach includes arranging data in a three-dimension framework of time, quality and volume. We map different elements of the data, such as number of tweets per user, time, span of time stayed in the Island, geographical location and content of messages. Based on the elements of the data within the framework, users are grouped and analyzed. A visual representation of analysis is presented. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016. Source

Tashiro Y.,Meio University | Kameda Y.,Chiba Institute of Technology
Marine Pollution Bulletin

The concentration of UV filters (UVFs) and UV light stabilizers (UVLSs) were measured in seawater and river water collected from sites at four beaches, two reefs, and one river on Okinawa Island, Japan. UVFs and/or UVLSs of 8-10 types were detected in beaches samples and 6-9 types were detected in reef samples. The total UVF concentrations at the beach sites were highest either in July or August with a maximum of 1.4μgL-1. The concentrations at the reef sites did not show peaks in summer and the maximum values were close to 10ngL-1. The detected UVF profiles reflected the ingredients of sunscreens used in each region. The highest UVLS concentrations at the reefs were observed not only in summer but also in June and September. The UVLS concentrations at the reefs were similar to or even higher than that at the beaches or in the river. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Portugal P.S.,Centro Universitario Do Sul Of Minas Unis Mg | Reydon B.P.,Meio University | dos Santos Portugal N.,Centro Universitario Do Sul Of Minas Unis Mg
Revista Ambiente e Agua

This article presents an overview of the mineral water market in Brazil, based on three important considerations: first, the market structure prevailing in this segment is analyzed, addressing the evolution and main groups that make up the Brazilian market for mineral waters; next, we make a brief reference to the legal and institutional framework on mineral waters; and finally, we analyze the directions for integrated and sustainable environmental management in this segment. In this way, we sought to contextualize the market's legal, institutional and economic parameters, as well as the implications of these parameters that can be decisive in the environmental management process, which companies can use to enhance the excellence of that process. These changes imply that mineral water be included in the national policy of water resources, named the PNRH, and not as an ore. It should also be included in the National Plan of Solid Waste (PNRS), with a complete view of the product life cycle. © 2015, Institute for Environmental Research in Hydrographic Basins (IPABHi). All rights reserved. Source

From the standpoint of sociodemographic, teens today represent an important portion of the Brazilian population. In 2005 the Brazilian government published the National Youth Policy. Despite of this, many teens still find difficulties in accessing public services, especially the ones involving health. This study aimed to analyze young students' speeches about the conditions of access to public services and health through qualitative research. The students inquired live in rural and urban areas of the city of Vitória da Conquista - Bahia. The method used was the content analysis proposed by Bardin (1979) and Minayo (2006), and the technique of discussion groups for youth proposed by Weller (2006). Source

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