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Meiko Electronics Co. | Date: 2014-01-14

A printed wiring board includes: an inner layer structure body containing at least an inner layer insulative base material composed of a glass cloth and resin which covers the glass cloth and not containing a resin insulative base material composed only of resin; outer layer wiring formed on a first face of the inner layer structure body; and a solder resist layer formed on a surface of the outer layer wiring, wherein in the inner layer structure body, an opening part is formed, and the solder resist layer is composed of a first ink part covering at least the outer layer wiring that is formed on a partial region of the first face which corresponds to the opening part and a second ink part interposing both ends of the first ink part and being lower in flexibility than the first ink part.

Meiko Electronics Co. | Date: 2014-03-07

A method for bending back a rigid printed wiring board with a flexible portion includes: forming a preparation substrate on a surface of a prepreg made of thermosetting resin, the preparation substrate including a conducting layer made of a conductive material; laminating the plurality of preparation substrates; thermally hardening the thermosetting resin so as to integrate the plurality of laminated preparation substrates as an intermediate substrate while heating and pressing together the plurality of preparation substrates; cutting an insulating layer formed by thermally hardening the thermosetting resin in a lamination direction of the preparation substrate so as to form a flexible portion, the flexible portion being thinly formed across opposed both edges of the intermediate substrate to form a complete substrate; bending the flexible portion; bending-back the flexible portion; and dehydrating by raising a temperature of the bent flexible portion before bending-back the flexible portion.

Meiko Electronics Co. | Date: 2013-01-15

The suction device (

A device embedded substrate (

A device embedded substrate includes an insulating layer including an insulating resin material, a device embedded in the insulating layer, a metal film coating at least one face of the device, and a roughened portion formed by roughening at least part of the surface of the metal film. Preferably, the device embedded substrate further includes: a conductive layer pattern-formed on a bottom face, the bottom face being one face of the insulating layer; and a bonding agent made of a material different from the insulating layer and joining the conductive layer (

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