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Odawara, Japan

Meiji Co. | Date: 2014-07-23

A solid milk combining sufficient strength with sufficient solubility can be obtained basically by compacting and molding only powdered milk as an ingredient under a condition where porosity and free fat content thereof are controlled within fixed ranges and then humidifying and drying to produce a solid milk with a porosity of 30% to 50%. The solid milk has a moisture content of 1 wt % to 4 wt %.

Meiji Co. | Date: 2013-02-22

Provided is a highly precise system for controlling proportional mixing, wherein the proportional mixing system is capable of maintaining the mixture ratio of flow rates of a primary liquid and a secondary liquid at a predetermined target mixture ratio. This highly precise proportional mixing system maintains the mixture ratio of flow rates of a primary liquid and a secondary liquid to be constant while recognizing an error integrated retroactively using the integrated flow rates of the primary liquid and a secondary liquid. This highly precise proportional mixing system also estimates future integrated error from past error trends to control the instantaneous flow rate of the primary liquid and and/or secondary liquid.

Meiji Co. | Date: 2013-03-01

It is intended to provide a sterilization method for heat-resistant bacterial spores, with which an effective sterilization effect is attained under heating conditions milder than conventional conditions, and which hardly affects the quality of an object to be sterilized. The sterilization method includes performing a first heat treatment step having the main object of damaging spores and then performing a second heat treatment step having the main object of inactivating the damaged spores and being performed at a temperature lower than that of the first heat treatment step.

A dairy product-like processed food which enables rice to be consumed and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The dairy product-like processed food contains rice. This processed food may be a processed food in which rice slurry containing ground rice and a dispersion medium, rice flour, glutinous rice flour, or top-grade rice flour is mixed therein. The method of manufacturing the dairy product-like processed food includes a step of wet-grinding rice, and a step of mixing the rice slurry produced by the wet grinding with a predetermined raw material of the processed food.

The invention aims to provide a process for producing a fermented milk capable of effectively preventing deterioration of the smooth mouth feel and milk flavor originated from the milk fat (hereinafter, the smooth mouth feel and milk flavor are put together referred to as milk-fat characteristic) which are lost when the milk fat content of fermented milk is intentionally reduced, without using milk fat substitutes, milk-flavor providing agents or the like but based on an ingenuity on the production process, and the fermented milk obtained as the result in which the milk-fat characteristic is improved and the milk fat content is reduced. The invention relates to a process for producing fermented milk in which a milk fat content is from 0.1% by weight to 2.0% by weight, said process comprising: reducing a dissolved oxygen concentration in a fermented milk mix to 5 ppm or less at the time of the start of fermentation; and carrying out the fermentation at a fermentation temperature of from 30 C. to 39 C., to thereby improve milk-fat characteristic, and the like.

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