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Tokyo, Japan

Meidensha Corporation is a Japanese, Tokyo-based company, engaged in the manufacturing and selling of generators, substation equipment, water treatment equipment, electronic equipment, and information equipment. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the Nikkei 225.The company was established by Hosui Shigemune for the manufacture of electric motors in Kyobashi, Tokyo. Wikipedia.

Meidensha | Date: 2013-01-18

Provision of an intermediate shaft and a torque meter between a test product and a dynamometer in a transmission testing device in which the test product is set in an environmental chamber leads to a long axial length and thereby requires a large floor area for setting, and also causes a twisting of a shaft and leads to a poor rigidity. A hollow spacer is provided between a face plate of the environmental chamber and a test product attachment holder to which the test product is attached. A flange with an H-shape in side view is disposed in the hollow of the spacer. The flange has an end connected to an adaptor flange fixed to the test product, and another end connected to a rotating shaft of the dynamometer via the torque meter.

In a conventional chassis dynamometer, when a roller opening formed in a pit cover is closed by an open/close plate, the open/close plate is projected from an upper surface of the pit cover so that irregularities are generated on the upper surface of the pit cover. A chassis dynamometer

Meidensha | Date: 2014-04-25

A vehicle-mounted power conversion device including: a capacitor for smoothing DC voltage; a power module for converting the smoothed DC voltage into AC voltage; a control substrate provided with a connector for a harness; a power module substrate provided with a connector for a harness; a harness connected to the control substrate at one end and connected to the power module substrate at the other end, thereby connecting the control substrate and the power module substrate electrically; and a case and cover for housing the capacitor, the power module, the control substrate, the power module substrate and the harness. In this device, a housing space defined between the case and cover is an integrated space, and a divided position between the case and cover is located further toward bottom wall of the case than the connector of the control substrate and the connector of the power module substrate.

Provided are; a method for producing an electrode material for a vacuum circuit breaker, whereby withstand voltage, high current interruption performance and capacitor switching performance can be improved; an electrode material for a vacuum circuit breaker; and an electrode for a vacuum circuit breaker. The electrode material for a vacuum circuit breaker is produced by a method comprising a mixing step, a press sintering step, and a Cu infiltration step. In the mixing step, an Mo powder having a particle diameter of 0.8 to 6 m is homogeneously mixed with a thermite Cr powder having a particle diameter of 40 to 300 m in such a manner as giving a mixing ratio (Mo:Cr) of 1:1 to 9:1 and satisfying the weight relation MoCr. In the press sintering step, the resultant mixture is pressure molded under a press pressure of 1 to 4 t/cm2 to give a molded article. Next, said molded article is sintered by maintaining the same at a temperature of 1100 to 1200 C. for 1 to 2 hours in an heating furnace to give a partially sintered article. In the Cu infiltration step, a thin Cu plate is placed on said partially sintered article and maintained at a temperature of 1100 to 1200 C. for 1-2 hours in a heating furnace so that Cu is liquid-phase sintered and infiltrated into the partially sintered article. A contact material of an electrode for a vacuum circuit breaker has an integral structure consisting of a central member and a CuCr outer peripheral member, said central member having been produced as described above and comprising 30 to 50 wt % of Cu of a particle diameter of 20 to 150 m and 50 to 70 wt % of MoCr of a particle diameter of 1 to 5 m, while said outer peripheral member being formed of a material, which is highly compatible with the central member, shows excellent interruption performance and had high withstand voltage, and being provided outside the central member and fixed thereto.

Meidensha | Date: 2014-04-21

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a torque command generation device for generating a motor-generated-torque command that makes it possible to maximize excitation force while ensuring necessary acceleration, and the like, within a limited motor torque range. A torque command generation device is provided with: a maximum torque calculation unit for calculating, according to a motor speed, a maximum torque value for a motor-generated-torque-command signal value; a DC component limiter for calculating a DC signal value; a surplus amplitude calculation unit for calculating a surplus amplitude by subtracting the maximum torque value from the sum of the DC component value; a sine-wave transmitter for generating a sine wave having an amplitude obtained by subtracting the surplus amplitude from a base amplitude; and a summing unit for calculating the motor-generated-torque-command signal value.

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