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Bangalore, India

Narayanareddygari M.R.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Nagabhushan Raju K.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Chandra Mouli C.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Devanna C.R.,Megabyte Technologies
Sensors and Transducers | Year: 2012

Design and implementation of embedded web server based remote online supervisory control system is a new technique in embedded control system applications. The web server is a universal networking communication standard for interfacing multiple devices in various locations, that use the TCP/IP Protocol Suite to serve multiple users simultaneously and allows the user to interact with real time monitoring and controlling. This paper presents the design and development of Ethernet based embedded web server for controlling the position of a servo motor, using ARM based LM3S9B96 microcontroller. This is a Single chip IDMCS (integral device monitoring and control system) method which improves the processing capability of a system and overcomes the problem of poor real time and reliability. © 2012 IFSA.

Pattipati J.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Chakala C.M.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Kanchisamudram C.P.,Megabyte Technologies | Chiyedu N.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Konduru N.R.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Sensors and Transducers | Year: 2012

Question paper leakage is one of the main issues for the students, who suffer from the postponement or cancellation of examination. The compact solution for this problem is ARM processor based examination paper leakage protection system. The question paper comes to the college in an electronic sealed box called ibox. The ibox contains an embedded system that was designed using ARM processor, which contains inbuilt RTC to monitor the ibox. If anyone tries to open the ibox before and after the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) swipe time duration, the system reports to university authorities by sending an SMS (Short Message Service) through GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) that "some malfunctioning is happening with the ibox". Before 10 minutes of exam the university authorities sends a unique pass code to the chief examiner of the college. The chief examiner has a valid RFID card from the university and swipes the card. If the card is valid the system acknowledges for the pass code. Chief examiner needs to type the pass code using keyboard. If pass code is correct stepper motor rotates and unlocks the ibox. The system is having two sections of transceivers (A and B). The transceiver A is an embedded system associated with the ibox. The transceiver B is the mobile phone with the university authorities. The present work deals with the software and hardware part. © 2012 IFSA.

Roshanna L.N.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Konduru N.R.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Thommundru R.P.,National Atmospheric Research Laboratory NARL | Devanna C.R.,Megabyte Technologies | Kanchisamudram C.P.,Megabyte Technologies
Sensors and Transducers | Year: 2013

The recently emerging Web Services technology has provided a new and excellent solution to Industrial Automation in online control and remote monitoring. In this paper, a Web Service Based Remote Monitoring & Controlling of Radar Transmitters for safety management (WMCT) developed for MST Radar is described. It achieved the MST radar transmitters' remote supervisory, data logging and controlling activities. The system is developed using an ARM Cortex M3 processor to monitor and control the 32 triode-based transmitters of the 53-MHz Radar. The system controls transmitters via the internet using an Ethernet client server and store health status in the Database for radar performance analysis. The system enables scientists to operate and control the radar transmitters from a remote client machine Webpage. Copyright © 2013 IFSA.

Konduru N.R.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Roshanna L.N.,Sri Krishnadevaraya University | Thommundru R.P.,National Atmospheric Research Laboratory NARL | Devanna C.R.,Megabyte Technologies
Sensors and Transducers | Year: 2012

An embedded web based radar transmitters control & interlock system is developed in the present work. This research activity facilitates controlling and monitoring 53-MHz, 2.5 Mega-watt peak power MST radar triode based transmitters via internet. This radar is a prime instrument for atmospheric science research with 32 transmitters powering 1024-element antenna array. A comprehensive safety interlock is built in to protect expensive devices; by sensing anode voltages, heater currents and airflow etc. It automatically prevents fatal damages by switching transmitter / RF off. The system is designed and developed using RISC microcontroller ARM LPC 2148 based on a 32- bit ARM7 TDMI-S CPU with real-time emulation and embedded trace support and 512 kB high speed flash memory. The microcontroller is a blend of serial communication interface, dual 10-bit ADC's and fast GPIO. Ethernet controller LM3S6432 is used to send sensors' digitalized data over internet. Copyright © 2012 IFSA.

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