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Le Locle, Switzerland

Systems, devices, and methods are provided for securing soft tissue to bone. One exemplary embodiment of a surgical repair construct includes an anchor, a filament having a snare formed on one end and a collapsible loop on another end, and a suture having a plurality of stationary protrusions formed therein. The suture is configured to be coupled to detached tissue and have its ends passed through an opening in the snare. The snare can be collapsed around the suture such that at least one of the suture protrusions is proximal of the collapsed snare. The anchor can be disposed in bone and the filament coupled thereto. Accordingly, collapsing the snare around the suture couples the tissue to bone, and applying tension to a tensioning limb of the filament can collapse the collapsible loop to incrementally tighten and secure the tissue to bone. Other exemplary systems, devices, and methods for use with soft tissue repair are also provided.

A method and device for stimulating a dysfunctional mitochondria in a human brain afflicted with a neurological disorder by stimulating the dysfunctional mitochondria at more than one level of its electron transport chain by co-administering more than one type of external stimulation such as the co-administration of both light and a therapeutic agent such as vitamin K2.

Medos International Sarl | Date: 2015-10-28

An anchor inserter provides for inserting an anchor into a hole in body tissue. The anchor inserter has an elongated shaft with a first axis and a distal end and an insertion tip. The insertion tip has a driving tip extending distally from the distal end of the shaft to terminate in an anchor engaging interface. A resiliency between the anchor engaging interface and the shaft allows bending away from the first axis. An abutment member extends distally from the shaft and has a distally facing abutment surface adjacent the driving tip which abuts the anchor and allows an axial force to be transmitted thereto. Preferably, the abutment member comprises a collar extending from the shaft and coaxially receiving the driving tip.

Medos International Sarl | Date: 2015-04-28

An intervertebral fusion cage that is adapted to contain an inserter within its inner volume during insertion of the cage.

Medos International Sarl | Date: 2015-10-09

Disclosed herein are methods and devices for distracting adjacent vertebrae during surgical procedures for implanting spinal prostheses. In an exemplary embodiment, a distractor is disclosed that maintains the empty space between adjacent vertebrae following a discectomy, and that can removably mate with other surgical instruments, such as, for example, a filler bar, an implanting tool, or a funnel. In other embodiments of the present invention a distractor is disclosed having various features to assist in implanting a spinal prosthesis, such as, for example, an angled distal end and/or an expandable paddle. In another embodiment of the present invention, an articulating inserter is disclosed. Moreover, various implants and funnels are also disclosed herein.

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