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Bahrami N.,Medical University of Dezful | Bahrami S.,Medical University of Dezful
Koomesh | Year: 2013

Introduction: Depression is one of the most common health problems in women, that it has the effects on the fetus growth beside on mother complications. The aim of this study was to determine the correlation between prenatal depression and delivery type and neonatal anthropometric indicators in women referring to Dezful (Iran) health centers in 2012. Materials and Methods: A prospective cohort study was carried out on pregnant women. Sampling using quato sampling was performed. In this study, 180 pregnant women with gestational age 34-36 weeks were divided into two groups, non depression (the control group) and depression (the case group). The research data were collected using demographical questionnaire, The Beck depression inventor, The Edinburgh postnatal pepression scale. The questionnaire was provided by content validity. That reliability was confirmed by test re-test. Results: The results indicated that prenatal depression increase likelihood of cesarean delivery 2.3 time more and there was significant difference between the two groups (p<0.001). This study showed likelihood of low birth weight in the case group was 3.1 times more compared to mothers with the control group. Furthermore, the control group showed a significant increase in mean of birth weight, head circumference, apgar score in one minute (> 6) at neonatal compared with the case group (p<0.001). Conclusion: Due to negative effects of depression on maternal and neonatal outcomes, gestational period is an opportunity for screening, counseling and training to reduce depression in pregnancy.

Keikhaei B.,Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences | Mohseni A.R.,High Institute for Research and Education in Transfusion Medicine | Norouzirad R.,Medical University of Dezful | Alinejadi M.,Great oil hospital | And 3 more authors.
European Cytokine Network | Year: 2013

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate serum levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and TGF-β in sickle cell disease (SCD) patients, and to compare the results during vaso-occlusive crisis (VOC) or steady state (StSt) conditions. Methods: 54 SCD patients (37HbSS and 17Sβ+Thal) were enrolled in the study and evaluated in two groups as follows; group A consisted of 39 VOC patients and group B comprised 15 StSt patients. Nineteen healthy volunteers were included as controls. Circulating levels of IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, IL-17,TNF-α and TGF-β were measured using ELISA. Results: Patients in VOC showed higher mean levels of all cytokines than those found in steady-state patients, but this was only marginally significant for IL-8 levels (P = 0.08). Increased levels of TGF-β and IL-17 were found in StSt patients versus normal controls (P = 0.004 andP<0.0001 respectively).A positive correlation was observed between IL-8 and IL-17 in both groups of patients (P = 0.002 and P = 0.005 respectively). Decreased levels of TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-17 were found in hydroxyurea-treated patients. Additionally, significantly higher levels of IL-6 and IL-8 were observed in hydroxyurea-treated and untreated patients than in controls respectively (P = 0.04 and P = 0.01). Conclusions: Our findings indicate that pro-inflammatory cytokines, especially IL-8 and IL-17, could be used as related markers for assessing disease severity, and consequently therapeutic intervention.

Kangari H.,Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences | Eftekhari M.H.,Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences | Sardari S.,Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences | Hashemi H.,Noor Eye Hospital | And 3 more authors.
Ophthalmology | Year: 2013

Purpose: To assess the effect of oral omega-3 fatty acids on tear break-up time (TBUT), Schirmer's score, and Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) through a double-blind clinical trial. Design: Randomized, double-blind clinical trial. Participants: Sixty-four patients with dry eye symptoms between the ages of 45 and 90 years were randomized into 2 groups: 33 persons in the treatment group and 31 persons in the placebo group. Methods: The treatment group received 2 capsules of omega-3 (each containing 180 mg eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA] and 120 mg docosahexaenoic acid [DHA]) daily for 30 days, and the placebo group received 2 medium-chain triglyceride oil capsules daily for 1 month. The outcomes were measured 1 month after the intervention. Main Outcome Measures: The primary outcome measure was an increase from baseline in TBUT at day 30. Secondary outcome measures were a decrease from baseline in the OSDI score and an increase in the Schirmer's score at day 30. Results: In the placebo group, before the intervention, the mean TBUT, OSDI, and Schirmer's scores were 4.5 ± 2.1 seconds, 36.4 ± 13.8, and 6.0 ± 2.6 mm, respectively, and 1 month later were 4.7 ± 2.6 seconds, 37.6 ± 13.5, and 6.2 ± 2.5 mm, respectively. In the treatment group, these values were 3.9 ± 1.7 seconds, 38.7 ± 16.5, and 5.8 ± 2.5 mm before the intervention and 5.67 ± 2.6 seconds, 29.3 ± 15.9, and 6.8 ± 2.8 mm after the intervention, respectively. Repeated-measures analysis of variance showed that improvements in TBUT, OSDI, and Schirmer's scores were significantly better in the treatment group than in the placebo group. The changes in the treatment and placebo groups were 71% and 3.3% for TBUT (P < 0.001), 26% and 4% (P=0.004) for dry eye symptoms, and 22.3% and 5.1% for Schirmer's score (P=0.033), respectively. Conclusions: This study demonstrated that oral consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA twice daily for 30 days) is associated with a decrease in the rate of tear evaporation, an improvement in dry eye symptoms, and an increase in tear secretion. Financial Disclosure(s): The author(s) have no proprietary or commercial interest in any materials discussed in this article. © 2013 by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Educating emergency medical staffs in triage skills is an important aspect of disaster preparedness. The aim of the study was to compare the effect of role-playing and educational video presentation on the learning and performance of the emergency medical service staffs in Khozestan, Iran A total of 144 emergency technicians were randomly classified into two groups. A researcher trained the first group using an educational video method and the second group with a role-playing method. Data were collected before, immediately, and 15 days after training using a questionnaire covering the three domains of demographic information, triage knowledge, and triage performance. The data were analyzed using defined knowledge and performance parameters. There was no significant difference between the two training methods on performance and immediate knowledge (P = .2), lasting knowledge (P=.05) and immediate performance (P = .35), but there was a statistical advantage for the role-playing method on lasting performance (P = .02). The two educational methods equally increase knowledge and performance, but the role-playing method may have a more desirable and lasting effect on performance.

Rahimi Z.,Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences | Nourozi-Rad R.,Medical University of Dezful | Parsian A.,U.S. National Institutes of Health
Human Genomics | Year: 2012

Background: The present study was conducted to investigate the possible outcome of interaction between endothelial nitric oxide (NOS3) G894T and cholesteryl ester transfer TaqIB variants on the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The sample included a total of 207 CAD patients (102 CAD patients with T2DM and 105 CAD patients without T2DM). There were also 101 patients with T2DM and 92 age- and sex-matched healthy individuals as controls. All study participants were from Western Iran. The sample was genotyped by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism. Results: The presence of NOS3 T allele was not associated with the risk of CAD or T2DM, and the CETP B1 allele was only significantly associated with the increased risk of CAD in total CAD patients (odds ratio (OR) = 5.1, p = 0.019). However, the concomitant presence of both CETP B1 and NOS3 T alleles significantly increased the risk of CAD in total CAD patients (OR = 18.1, p < 0.001), in CAD patients without T2DM (OR = 27.1, p = 0.03), and in CAD patients with T2DM (OR = 13.5, p = 0.002). Also, the presence of both alleles increased the risk of T2DM (OR = 12, p = 0.004). Conclusions: Our findings, for the first time, indicate that NOS3 T allele strongly interacts with CETP B1 allele to augment the risk of CAD and T2DM in the population of Western Iran. © 2012 Rahimi et al.

Molaee Zadeh M.,Medical University of Dezful | Shahandeh K.,Tehran University of Medical Sciences | Bigdeli S.,Health Science University | Basseri H.R.,Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Iranian Journal of Public Health | Year: 2014

The intensity of the conflict such as war is one of the determinants of the flow of migrants and refuges with consequence of introducing infectious disease to other countries. This paper investigates the relationship between malaria incidence and forced immigration due to war from neighboring countries in Dezful district, southwestern Iran. All available data and accessible archived documentary records on malaria cases in the period 1988-2011 in Dezful Health Centers were reviewed. Retrospective analysis of routine surveillance data from the Health authority of Dezful district was conducted to assess the trend of malaria incidence and prevalence in the last two decades. Malaria transmission dynamics was described using surveillance indicators viz, Annual Parasite Incidence (API), Slide Positivity Rate (SPR), Annual Blood Examination Rate (ABER) and based on personal information of patients. Two peaks of malaria incidence occurred during past two decades. The first one arisen by Iran-Iraq war due to residential instability in Dezful while the API reached to 8 per 1000. The second peak happened after to civil war of Afghanistan began which caused large immigrates moved into the study area. During the second peak, API reached 1.7 per 1000 at maximum and the majority of patients were immigrants. This study describes the linkage between incidence and prevalence of malaria and immigration due to civil conflict. Therefore, malaria screening of immigrants and early warning programme are effective to prevent outbreak of disease in a potential risk area such Dezful. © 2014, Iranian J Publ Health. All rights received.

PubMed | Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Medical University of Dezful and M.Sc. of Midwifery
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Electronic physician | Year: 2017

An individuals social and marital function, interpersonal relationships, and quality of life may, sometimes be affected by negative body image. This study is aimed at determining the relationship between body image and sexual function in middle-aged women.In this cross-sectional study, 437 middle-aged women, who were referred to various public healthcare centers in Ahvaz, Iran during 2014-2015, were selected. The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ) were used for data collection. Chi-square, one-way analysis of variance, Spearmans correlation test, and logistic regression analysis were performed for statistical analysis.Approximately 58% of the participants expressed satisfaction with their body image, 35% were mildly dissatisfied, and 7% were moderately dissatisfied with their body image. Body image had a significant negative relationship with sexual satisfaction and sexual function (p=0.005). Furthermore, there was a significant relationship between body image and sexual desire (p=0.022), pain (p=0.001), sexual arousal (p<0.0005), sexual orgasm (p=0.001), and sexual satisfaction (p<0.0005).As the results indicated, body image is an important aspect of sexual health. In this study, women with a positive body image had higher sexual function valuation, compared to women with a negative body image. Also, body shape satisfaction was a predictor of sexual function.

PubMed | Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Medical University of Dezful and 4 more.
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Iranian journal of parasitology | Year: 2017

This study aimed to investigate the epidemiological and clinical aspects of patients with hydatid cyst during 2011 to 2014.This cross-sectional study was conducted in Khorasan Razavi Province, the Northeast of Iran, from 2011 to 2014. The study population was all cases with hydatid cyst who diagnosed in governmental and private laboratories, hospitals and health centers (HC) in Khorasan Razavi Province during 2011-14.The prevalence rate of hydatidosis was 1.44 per 100000 individuals. Of 357 cases, 54.9% were women, 40.3% rural, 45.8% housewives, and 3.4% were Afghan. The mean age of women was higher than that of men (39.1318.9 compared to 34.717.9 yr, respectively, The prevalence of human hydatidosis, as a most important neglected disease, should be considered by health policy-makers in public health domain. In addition, educational programs to better recognition of the disease symptoms, and to identify the infection sources are needed in high risk group of population.

PubMed | Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Medical University of Dezful, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences University
Type: | Journal: Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology | Year: 2017

Epsilon toxin of the Clostridium perfringens garnered a lot of attention due to its potential for toxicity in humans, extreme potency for cytotoxicity in mice and lack of any approved therapeutics prescribed for human. However, the intricacies of the Epsilon toxin action mechanism are yet to be understood. In this regard, various in silico tools have been exploited to model and refine the 3D structure of the toxin and its two receptors. The receptor proteins were embedded into designed lipid membranes within an aqueous and ionized environment. Thereafter, the modeled structures subjected to series of consecutive molecular dynamics runs to achieve the most natural like coordination for each model. Ultimately, protein-protein interaction analyses were performed to understand the probable action mechanism. The obtained results successfully confirmed the accuracy of employed methods to achieve high quality models for the toxin and its receptors within their lipid bilayers. Molecular dynamics analyses lead the structures to a more native like coordination. Moreover, the results of previous empirical studies were confirmed, while new insights for action mechanisms including the detailed roles of Hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1 (HAVCR1) and Myelin and lymphocyte protein (MAL) proteins were achieved. In light of previous and our observations, we suggested novel models which elucidated the existing interplay between potential players of Epsilon toxin action mechanism with detailed structural evidences. These models would pave the way to have more robust understanding of the Epsilon toxin biology, more precise vaccine construction and more successful drug (inhibitor) design.

PubMed | Medical University of Dezful, Tarbiat Modares University and Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Expert review of respiratory medicine | Year: 2017

Lung cancer still accounts for the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide and despite the emerging advances in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques it remains to be a serious global public health concern. Micro-ribonucleic acids (microRNAs) are responsible for invasion and metastasis of various tumors including lung cancer which underscores the necessity of understanding their functions. Areas covered: Herein, we aim to summarize the recent advances made in our understanding of the miRNAs with special reference to lung cancer. Moreover, the role of miRNAs in crucial cellular processes will be elucidated. Various applications of the miRNAs would be explained and different kinds of them would be discussed to delineate their significance in lung cancer biology, therapy and diagnosis. Expert commentary: the miRNA study in the field of respiratory disease and specially lung cancer has emerged lately. Given the several miRNAs, which are in the clinical trials, this field is passing through its maturation phase which ultimately could rise to a robust tool for lung cancer therapy, diagnosis and prevention.

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