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PubMed | Institutes of Medical science and Pharmacology & Toxicology and Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital
Type: Journal Article | Journal: British journal of pharmacology | Year: 2016

Effective management of hypotension refractory to vasoconstrictors in severe sepsis is limited. A new strategy to ameliorate endotoxemic hypotension by inducing endothelium-dependent constriction of large arteries was assessed.Endotoxemia in rats was induced by injection of LPS (10 mgkg(-1), i.v.). Haemodynamics were measured in vivo, reactivity of isolated mesenteric arteries by myography and expression of proteins and enzyme activities by immunohistochemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology.Six hours after LPS, the hypotension was promptly reversed following injection (i.v. or i.p.) of oroxylin-A (OroA) . In isolated LPS-treated but not normal mesenteric arteries, OroA (1-10 M) induced endothelium-dependent, sustained constriction, blocked by endothelin-1 (ET-1) receptor antagonists. OroA further enhanced LPS-induced expression of endothelin-converting enzyme, ET-1 mRNA and proteins and ET-1 release, OroA also enhanced phosphorylation of Rho-associated protein kinase (ROCK) and reversed LPS-induced suppression of RhoA activities in smooth muscle of arteries with endothelium. Activated- phosphorylation of smooth muscle ROCK was blocked by ET-1-receptor antagonists and ROCK inhibitors. Moreover, OroA post-treatment suppressed, via inhibiting NF-B activation, inducible NOS expression and circulating NO.Reversal of endotoxemic hypotensive by OroA was due to release of endothelial ET-1, upregulated by LPS, from mesenteric arteries, inducing prompt and sustained vasoconstriction via activation of vascular smooth muscle RhoA/ROCK-pathway. In late endotoxemia, OroA-induced vasoconstriction was partly due to decreased circulating NO. Activation of endothelium-dependent constriction in large resistance arteries and suppression of systemic inflammation offer new strategies for acute management of endotoxemic hypotensive shock.

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