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Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, Llc | Date: 2016-10-20

A naturally-occurring soluble truncated IL-23R protein (i.e., 9 IL-23R) is shown to be present in a biological sample and can serve as a diagnostic tool for autoimmune diseases. There is provided an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and test kit for the serological detection of the soluble truncated form of IL-23R protein. More particularly, antibody-sandwich ELISA method and kits for 9 IL-23R as an antigen were developed to detect 9 IL-23R levels in biological samples from a mammal and a human patient and are used as a diagnostic index. The present disclosed ELISA has utility as a diagnostic tool to detect Crohns disease in patients using EDTA-plasma.

A method is provided for receiving and handling a plurality of clinical samples and managing information associated therewith for generating and reporting any of a plurality of different diagnostic results from each sample in a timely manner, particularly within about thirty (30) hours. Methods described comprise, for example, receiving a plurality of single gynecological swab samples, each having identity and test requisition information associated therewith, wherein the test requisition information indicates a test for at least one causative agent, from a choice of a plurality of agents (for example, between about 5 and about 25 different microbiological agents) and managing information associated therewith for generating and reporting any of a plurality of different diagnostic results for each sample.

A method and kit related thereto are described for the collection and maintenance of detectability of a plurality of species of microbiological agents in a single clinical sample as well as an integral method for handling a plurality of the samples and managing information associated therewith for reporting a sum of diagnostic results for each sample.

Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, Llc | Date: 2015-11-12

The present invention is directed to a method of detecting a DEK protein in a human urine sample using an ELISA assay. Methods and compositions for detection of DEK using mAb 260-6F9F6 (as detection antibody) and mAb 16-2C9C3 (as capture antibody) in human urine are provided herein. Specifically, the ELISA assay utilizes a capture mAb and a detection mAb to yield a high sensitivity of <50 ng/mL. The presence of DEK in urine is useful in predicting or diagnosing the occurrence of bladder cancer in humans.

The present invention relates to anti-sense oligonucleotides (AONs) used to induce exon 9 skipping in IL-23R gene. Exon 9 skipping of the IL23R gene ultimately causes specific induction of a novel soluble truncated IL-23R (9) protein, characterized by a lack in a transmembrane domain and has a unique eight (8) amino acids (GLKEGSYC) at its C-terminus end as a result of frame-shift. The present invention provides a utility application of the use of AONs to induce production of a 9 protein which inhibits IL-23R-mediated cell signaling. More particularly, 9 protein blocks STAT3 formation as well as Th17 maturation. There is provided a therapeutic application of AONs in treating a mammal such as a human patient inflicted with Crohns disease.

The present invention relates to novel linear and cyclic polypeptides that bind to IL-23 receptor and inhibit the binding of IL-23 to its corresponding receptor and cell signaling thereof. The novel polypeptides of the present invention has a core structure of WX_(1)X_(2)X_(3)W, where W is tryptophan, and X_(1), X_(2 )and X_(3 )are amino acids, with the proviso that when one of X_(1), X_(2 )or X_(3 )is W, the remaining two of X_(1), X_(2 )or X_(3 )cannot be W. Preferred core structures include WVDYW or WQDYW. The present invention relates a composition containing the novel polypeptides (linear or cyclic), and use of same in inhibiting cell functions including production of IL-22 and IL-17F from immune cells as well as in treating IL-23 associated human diseases including, for example, inflammatory bowel diseases, psoriasis and Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis.

The present invention is directed to novel haplotype tagging single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in specific regions outside the HFE gene that serve as a reliable biomarker for a decreased risk for childhood lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in a child. There is provided herein methods and reagents for assessing the haplotype tagging SNPs selected from the group consisting of rs807212, rs198853, rs9467664, rs2213284, rs2230655 and rs12346. The method useful in applying these SNPs in predicting a decreased risk of childhood lymphobastic leukemia (ALL) is also disclosed.

The present invention provides a method of specifically detecting IFN-2 mRNA or IFN-3 mRNA. There is provided a qRT-PCR method specifically detecting, discriminating and quantifying IFN-2 and IFN-3 mRNA in a biological sample obtained from a human. There is provided qRT-PCR methods and primers and probes that specifically detect IFN-2 mRNA but not IFN-3 mRNA and vice versa in humans in order to detect, quantify and discriminate IFN-2 mRNA and IFN-3 mRNA.

Disclosed are methods of attenuating activity of the gene promoter of CIP2A. siRNAs are used to target against Ets1 and Elk1 transcriptional factors, thereby blocking the binding of Ets1 and Elk1 to the CIP2A gene promoter. It is disclosed that the siRNAs targeted against Ets1 and Elk1 attenuate the gene expression of CIP2A. A kit containing siRNA reagents for attenuating the CIP2A gene expression is also disclosed.

The present invention provides a method of quantifying miR-185 as a potential biomarker in lipid disorder or cardiovascular diseases in human. The present invention also provides a method of modulating miR-185 in regulating LDL and cholesterol metabolism in cells. The present invention has therapeutic potential in the treatment of cholesterol/LDL related cardiovascular diseases in humans.

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