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Hsinchu, Taiwan

MediaTek Inc. | Date: 2016-01-08

Video decoding device is disclosed. The video decoding device comprises a demultiplexer, a first decoder and a controller. The demultiplexer receives a Transport Stream to recover video Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) to determine a presentation time stamp (PTS) and a decoding time stamp (DTS) in a PES header of the PES. The first decoder retrieves a video frame from the video PES to determine temporal reference of the video frame. The controller receives the PTS, the DTS, and the temporal reference to determine whether there is a missing video frame.

A technique, as well as select implementations thereof, pertaining to utilizing video/audio data from multiple sources is described. One or more processors of a first apparatus may receive first data obtained at a first time of a first image sensor of the first apparatus. The first data may include image or video related data. The first apparatus may wirelessly receive from a second apparatus second data obtained at a second time by a second image sensor of the second apparatus. The second data may include image or video related data. A location or position of the second apparatus may be different from a location or position of the first apparatus. The first time may be equal to or different from the second time by no more than a predetermined time difference. The processor(s) of the first apparatus may perform a task using both the first data and the second data as input.

A printed circuit board (PCB) assembly includes a PCB having a core substrate, a plurality of conductive traces on a first surface of the PCB, and a ground layer on the second surface of the PCB. The conductive traces comprise a pair of differential signal traces. An intervening reference trace is disposed between the differential signal traces. A connector is disposed at one end of the plurality of conductive traces. A semiconductor package is mounted on the first surface at the other end of the plurality of conductive traces.

MediaTek Inc. | Date: 2015-01-07

An electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit is provided. The ESD protection circuit includes an impedance device coupled between a pad and a power line and a clamp unit coupled between the pad and a ground line, wherein no ESD current flows through the impedance device when an ESD event occurs at the pad.

A portable electronic device including an ultrasound transmitter, an ultrasound receiver, and a processing unit is provided. The ultrasound transmitter sends ultrasonic signals, while the ultrasound receiver receives reflected ultrasonic signals from an object. The ultrasound transmitter and the ultrasound receiver are disposed to form a reference axis. The processing unit processes the reflected ultrasonic signals to obtain a time-frequency distribution thereof, and determines a 1D gesture corresponding to projection loci of movements of the object on the reference axis according to the time-frequency distribution.

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