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Bangalore, India

Adduri R.S.R.,DNA Diagnostics Center | Katamoni R.,DNA Diagnostics Center | Katamoni R.,French National Center for Scientific Research | Pandilla R.,DNA Diagnostics Center | And 5 more authors.
PLoS ONE | Year: 2014

Purpose: The tumor suppressor p53 is known to be inactivated frequently in various cancers. In addition, germline polymorphisms in TP53 are known to affect protein function and influence risk of developing different types of cancers. In this study, we analyzed the association of TP53 Pro72Arg polymorphism with squamous cell carcinoma of oral tongue (SCCOT) and esophagus (ESCC) in India. Methods: We assessed the distribution of TP53 Pro72Arg polymorphism in one hundred and fifteen and eighty two SCCOT and ESCC patients, respectively, with respect to one hundred and ten healthy controls from the same population. In addition, we analyzed association of the polymorphism with several clinicopathological and molecular parameters. Results: Pro72 allele was significantly enriched in SCCOT patients compared to the healthy control group but neither allele was enriched in ESCC. Interestingly, Pro72 allele was preferentially mutated in ESCC which was confirmed by analysis of samples heterozygous for Pro72Arg. Conclusions: Our study revealed the association of Pro72 allele with SCCOT suggesting the effect of this polymorphism on SCCOT risk. Preferential mutation of Pro72 allele exclusively in ESCC indicates the need for further studies to understand the tissue specific effect of p53 polymorphism. © 2014 Adduri et al.

Rajendran S.,Research Center | Sundaresan L.,Research Center | Rajendran K.,Research Center | Selvaraj M.,Research Center | And 4 more authors.
Biorheology | Year: 2016

Background: Fluid flow plays an important role in vascular development. However, the detailed mechanisms, particularly the link between flow and modulation of gene expression during vascular development, remain unexplored. In chick embryo, the key events of vascular development from initiation of heart beat to establishment of effective blood flow occur between the stages HH10 and HH13. Therefore, we propose a novel in vivo model to study the flow experienced by developing endothelium. Objective: Using this model, we aimed to capture the transcriptome dynamics of the pre- and post-flow conditions. Methods: RNA was isolated from extra embryonic area vasculosa (EE-AV) pooled from three chick embryos between HH10-HH13 and RNA sequencing was performed. Results: The whole transcriptome sequencing of chick identified up-regulation of some of the previously well-known mechanosensitive genes including NFR2, HAND1, CTGF and KDR. GO analyses of the up-regulated genes revealed enrichment of several biological processes including heart development, extracellular matrix organization, cell-matrix adhesion, cell migration, blood vessel development, patterning of blood vessels, collagen fibril organization. Genes encoding for gap junctions proteins which are involved in vascular remodeling and arterial-venous differentiation, and genes involved in cell-cell adhesion, and ECM interactions were significantly up-regulated. Validation of selected genes through semi quantitative PCR was performed. Conclusion: The study indicates that shear stress plays a major role in development. Through appropriate validation, this platform can serve as an in vivo model to study conditions of disturbed flow in pathology as well as normal flow during development. © 2016 - IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.

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