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Hampton, VA, United States

Measurement Specialties | Date: 2015-03-05

A system and method for ultrasonic touch switch combined with piezoelectric touch mode is described. The sensor structure may be embodied as a substrate with a piezoelectric element at the back surface of the substrate, with the front surface being a touch sensitive surface. Both operational modes are possible by use of the same sensor element with filtering of the signals so that different advantages of two modes are combined, while disadvantages of either mode are mitigated. The tolerance of substrate thickness of ultrasonic touch mode is improved by use of a wide range of frequency deviation of drive signal by filtering out the fundamental modulation frequency from the output signal and wherein only sharp pulses corresponding to abrupt impedance changes of the piezoelectric element are extracted. The amplitude of the sharp pulses decreases with touching the front surface of substrate. At the same time pressure force applied to the front surface causes the substrate to undergo bending displacement and causes piezoelectric element expansion strain to generate voltage. These two modes are combined and used to control switch of appliance or equipment.

Measurement Specialties | Date: 2013-09-26

A stator winding temperature sensor including at least one sensing wire for connecting to a stator. The sensor also includes a body, including a core material comprising a polyimide substrate having an acrylic adhesive surrounding at least a portion of the sensing wire, and a laminate material over the core material. The body has a thickness adapted to protect the sensing wire. The sensor includes a lead wire for connecting to an external monitoring device. The sensing wire is electrically connected to the lead wire at a lead step portion of the sensor. The sensor further includes a tab extending from the lead wire and encompassing the lead step, the tab including a flexible zone where the tab is surrounded by a polyimide and an adhesive but is not surrounded by fiberglass.

Measurement Specialties | Date: 2015-07-02

A miniature pressure scanning system may comprise: a plurality of miniature pressure sensors including a plurality of sensor outputs, each of the miniature pressure sensors including at least one sensor output for providing an analog output signal and each at least one sensor output having an associated output impedance; a plurality of buffers, each buffer of said plurality of buffers being electrically coupled to one sensor output of the plurality of sensor outputs, and each said buffer being operative to reduce a settling time constant associated with multiplexer voltage spikes and reduce the associated output impedance of the one sensor output coupled to it; and at least one multiplexer electrically coupled to the plurality of sensor outputs, said at least one multiplexer being operative to be switched between each of the plurality of sensor outputs.

Measurement Specialties | Date: 2014-02-28

A differential pressure sensor includes a pressure sensing die comprising a semiconductor die, having a thinned portion forming a diaphragm. The diaphragm includes piezo-resistive elements that exhibit varying resistance based on force exerted on the diaphragm. A first support structure is bonded to a first surface of the semiconductor die, having an aperture defined through the support structure such that a first surface of the diaphragm is exposed through the aperture. A second support structure is bonded to the opposite side of the semiconductor die having an aperture aligned with the opposing side of the diaphragm. Electrical components in electrical communication with the piezo-resistive elements are arranged outside the region defined by the bond between the first and second support structures and the semiconductor die. An oil-filled volume may be defined between the semiconductor die and a harsh medium which transmits a fluid pressure to the die without the harsh medium contacting the die.

Measurement Specialties | Date: 2013-10-25

A multilayer backing absorber for use with an ultrasonic transducer comprises a plurality of absorber elements, each absorber element having at least one metal layer and at least one adhesive layer, wherein the backing absorber is adapted to be coupled to a vibrating layer of the ultrasonic transducer.

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