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Cambridge, MA, United States

System, devices and methods are presented that integrate stretchable or flexible circuitry, including arrays of active devices for enhanced sensing, diagnostic, and therapeutic capabilities. The invention enables conformal sensing contact with tissues of interest, such as the inner wall of a lumen, a the brain, or the surface of the heart. Such direct, conformal contact increases accuracy of measurement and delivery of therapy. Further, the invention enables the incorporation of both sensing and therapeutic devices on the same substrate allowing for faster treatment of diseased tissue and fewer devices to perform the same procedure.

MC10 Inc | Date: 2015-09-18

Systems and methods are provided for the embedding of thin chips. A well region is generated in a substrate that includes a conductive material disposed on a flexible polymer. The standoff well region can he generated by pattern the conductive material, where the thin chip is embedded in the standoff well region. A cavity can be generated in the polymer layer to form a polymer well region, where the thin chip is embedded in the polymer well region.

MC10 Inc | Date: 2015-03-12

The present invention relates to portable devices for point-of-care diagnostics that can perform measurements on a sample (e.g., blood, serum, saliva, or urine) and relay data to an external device for, e.g., data analysis. The device can comprise a paper-based diagnostic substrate and a base substrate that include electronic circuitry and electronic elements necessary for performing the measurements. The device can also comprise an antenna for near field communication with an external device. Another aspect of the invention relates to methods of using these devices.

Flexible interconnects, flexible integrated circuit systems and devices, and methods of making and using flexible integrated circuitry are presented herein. A flexible integrated circuit system is disclosed which includes first and second discrete devices that are electrically connected by a discrete flexible interconnect. The first discrete devices includes a first flexible multi-layer integrated circuit (IC) package with a first electrical connection pad on an outer surface thereof. The second discrete device includes a second flexible multi-layer integrated circuit (IC) package with a second electrical connection pad on an outer surface thereof. The discrete flexible interconnect is attached to and electrically connects the first electrical connection pad of the first discrete device to the second electrical connection pad of the second discrete device.

MC10 Inc | Date: 2015-11-20

Buffer structures are provided that can be used to reduce a strain in a conformable electronic system that includes compliant components in electrical communication with more rigid device components. The buffer structures are disposed on, or at least partially embedded in, the conformable electronic system such that the buffer structures overlap with at least a portion of a junction region between a compliant component and a more rigid device component. The buffer structure can have a higher value of Youngs modulus than an encapsulant of the conformable electronic system.

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