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Jodhpur, India

Sharma R.,Amity University | Sharma A.,Mbm Engineering College
Recent Patents on Medical Imaging | Year: 2012

The review is on molecular imaging reporter gene expression probes to generate the image contrast. These probes utilize the imaging technology specific to microscopic physical, physiological, metabolic events and changes to differentiate pathology from normal tissue. Reporter gene expression technique generates the specific information at micro- and nanoscopic scale with details of specific molecular or metabolic event. The present paper reviews a database of measurable imaging methods of transgene expression of maltose binding domain with resource of protein molecules in bioimaging. Molecular bioimaging is based on imaging the transgene expression products and offers multimodal real-time genomic kinetics. With this aim, gene expression probes combined with adjunct molecular imaging techniques are identified and their applications are defined for: 1. noninvasive in vivo imaging methods for specific molecular expression and interactions of protein-protein domains, 2. to visualize time-based molecular events in the tissues, 3. to visualize and follow-up trafficking and targeting of cells, 4. to optimize conditions of gene therapy and monitoring drug therapeutics, 5. to develop rapid drug chemosensitivity assay to image the drug effect at cellular and molecular level by multimodal radioimaging, optical and bioluminescence imaging. The feasibility of multimodal molecular imaging techniques on one platform is reported to visualize the cells in animal body after administration of binding domain ligand into animals through oral, intraperitoneal, intravenous, and intrathecal routes. The binding domain ligand acts as a secretory signal or plasma membrane trafficking signal domain. It can be visualized by positron emission tomography imaging. Today, the main challenge in developing multimodal multifunctional double labeled molecular imaging probes is to achieve goal of rapid, reproducible multimodal imaging (optical, physical, biosensor) or radiolabel mapping (PET, CT) in noninvasive and quantitative manner that can give information in time-dependent experimental, developmental, environmental and therapeutic influence on gene products and proteins in animals or patients. This patent review will be useful resource database of molecules as 'bioinformatics of potential reporters' and multimodal imaging methods on same platform resource in selecting molecules to develop imaging techniques of cells or molecular events during influence of drugs, metabolism, physiology, experimental, environmental and genetics in the body. © 2012 Bentham Science Publishers. Source

Daga K.,Mbm Engineering College
Journal of environmental science & engineering | Year: 2011

Treatment technologies needed to reduce the pollutant load of chemical industry effluent have been found to involve exorbitantly high costs. The present investigation aimed to treat the wastewater from chemical industry by cost effective sequential anaerobic-adsorption treatment. Wastewaters from chemical industry that are rich in biodegradable organics are tested for anaerobic treatability. The efficiency of anaerobic reactor is relatively lower 79.3%, and therefore post treatment of effluent was done by adsorption using Poly vinyl alcohol coated Datura stramonium (PVAC-DS) as an adsorbent. An overall COD removal of 93.8 % was achieved after sequential Anaerobic-Adsorption treatment, which lead to a better final effluent and a more economical treatment system. Source

Kuraishi M.A.,Government Polytechnic | Sharma S.,Mbm Engineering College
Asian Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2010

In this study, laboratory scale experiments on duckweed covered domestic sewage were carried out to evaluate the removal efficiency of duckweed species Lemna minor as a domestic wastewater stripper. The outdoor experiments were conducted in 4 mini ponds at Jodhpur. The physico-chemical properties of domestic wastewater were evaluated before and after inoculation of culture for wastewater quality improvement.Various parameters namely pH, DO, TSS, TDS, turbidity, BOD, COD, total nitrogen and total phosphorus were analyzed for varying detention periods. The result indicated treated effluent suitability for irrigation reuse purpose. Source

Panwar P.,Government of Rajasthan | Ameta N.K.,Mbm Engineering College
Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2013

The object of the present investigations is to study the strength characteristics of dune sand of western Rajasthan stabilized with cheap and readily available material like lime and bentonite. Dune sand which covers a big part of western Rajasthan is weak in strength and possesses problems in construction of road. The present investigation is an attempt to stabilize this soil with the aid of lime and bentonite. Standard Proctor test, unconfined compressive strength, in addition to some preliminary tests were conducted for assessing the suitability of limebentonite mix with dune sand. © 2013, EJGE. Source

Panwar P.,Government of Rajasthan | Ameta N.K.,Mbm Engineering College
Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2013

The focus of this paper is on behavior of compacted dune sand-clay mixture for hydraulic conductivity. In the North Western part of the country, the Great Thar Desert suffers absence of impervious natural soils, hence effort has been made to compacted mixture of dune sand and clay to form barricade to fluids. Various laboratory investigations were made and effects of the mixture were studied. The effect of addition of the clay is reflected in low hydraulic conductivity. Experimentally compaction and hydraulic conductivity characteristics of the mix were studied. It was found that hydraulic conductivity of dune sand reduces from 10-4 cm/s to 10-9 cm/s after addition of 12% clay. © 2013, EJGE. Source

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