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Filton, United Kingdom

MBDA UK Ltd | Date: 2013-07-16

Objective lens (

MBDA UK Ltd | Date: 2013-03-28

A morphing skin for an air vehicle structure, the skin being formed by a composite material which includes: a multiplicity of fibres, a matrix incorporating the fibres, and a thermo-sensitive material, such as a thermo-plastic. The thermo-sensitive material can be reversibly transitionable in response to a change in temperature, between (i) an ambient temperature mode in which the thermo-sensitive material is capable of transferring loads in the composite material, and (ii) a heated mode in which the ability of the thermo-sensitive material to transfer the loads is reduced. This can allow the stiffness of the skin to be temporarily reduced to enable the skin to be morphed into a different shape.

MBDA UK Ltd | Date: 2013-09-12

A building comprising a plurality of rooms (

An electrical drive system includes an electric motor having an armature, which is mounted on a stator, and a rotor, wherein aligning stator flux with rotor flux enables current to flow in the armature without inducing torque on the rotor shaft. The disclosed operation may be used, for example, in testing the electrical drive system. The electric drive system can carry full rated current yet produce little or no torque, thereby increasing the current that can be tested during electrical drive test procedures without producing undesired forces or motion. The method may be used, for example, in heating the electric motor, for example for de-icing.

MBDA UK Ltd | Date: 2014-06-12

A method of conducting a strike against a target using a designator and a missile. The following steps are conducted:

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