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San Mateo, CA, United States

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Thomas (Tom) Kent serves as President of Maverix Biomics. He joined Maverix in February 2015 as Vice President of Research & Development and was promoted to President in June 2015 ...

Maverix Biomics | Entity website

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Maverix Biomics | Entity website

Translational Research/Medicinekmarkiewicz2016-01-14T08:37:54+00:00 Utilizing NGS in developing diagnostics and treatments? Maverix solutions will help! NGS can be an excellent tool to assist in translating scientific discoveries into practical (clinical) applications, such as the creation of diagnostics or medicinal treatments. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) has established a framework for developing translational and interdisciplinary research, helping to structure to the practice of translational research, including five categories of effort: Mechanistic Understanding (MC), Emerging Technology (ET), Phenotypic Validation (PV), Application & Intervention (AI), and Clinical Assessment (CA) ...

Agency: Department of Health and Human Services | Branch: National Institutes of Health | Program: STTR | Phase: Phase I | Award Amount: 149.95K | Year: 2015

DESCRIPTION provided by applicant The broad objective of this project is to develop an integrated wet lab dry lab kit for high throughput detection of RNA modifications The final product will provide all required molecular biology reagents a set of simple and robust experimental manipulations for facile analysis of modifications and researcher friendly analytic cloud based software requiring no special bioinformatics skills or computing hardware Emerging data suggests that post transcriptional modifications of many types of cellular RNA play an important and largely unexplored role in biology and in development and maintenance of the nervous system In particular a notable variety of neural diseases are due to specific defects in RNA modification including autosomal recessive intellectual disability ARID non syndromic X linked mental retardation myoclonus epilepsy ragged red fibers MERRF mitochondrial encephalopathy lactic acidosis with stroke like episodes MELAS and familial dysautonomia Initial evidence for the links between RNA modification regulation and gene expression mRNA splicing nuclear export and protein translation suggest much broader unknown effects given that modification states for most RNAs in most cell types are not well defined High throughput RNA sequencing has revolutionized the study of gene expression but it has not been widely applied to identifying most types of RNA modifications due to lack of methods for detection of modifications that are suitable for commercial use and lack of methods for complex post sequencing analytics This Phase proposal focuses on developing such methodology for three types of biologically relevant but relatively understudied RNA modifications with the following Specific Aims I Develop methods for identifying RNA sites with m A m C or andapos O methylation II Develop an analysis pipeline to identify sites with andapos O methylation m A or m C To achieve these aims a novel biochemical approach will be employed for detecting and mapping andapos O methylation leveraging a known chemical reaction coupled with ligation methods to enrich for these sites A distinct novel approach will be applied to detect m A and m C modifications by differential analysis of reverse transcription between enzymatically treated samples An integrated cloud based platform with custom analytic pipelines will be developed for processing and interpreting the RNA sequencing data to simplify complex analyses required to identify modifications with precision Together these all inclusive kits will form both pre and post sequencing means for large scale RNA modification detection with turn key ease of use PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE This project will advance research on RNA modifications a key type of processing events that plays an important role in the development of the nervous system and many neurological diseases Researchers will be able to use the tools developed by this work to detect multiple types of RNA modifications in the cells of human and other model species using a high throughput robust commercial kit Broad application of this technology should significantly advance the knowledge of RNA modification and its many effects on gene regulation and human health

Maverix Biomics | Entity website

Maverix Dxkmarkiewicz2016-01-14T07:48:10+00:00 The Maverix Dx Platform leverages the best-in-class analytics of WAVES, but is designed to support clinical diagnostic applications where the sample collection and sequencing will be done in one or more geographically distributed CLIA lab environments, using Illumina, Ion Torrent and other sequencing technologies. Weve added on a front-end system and LIMS interface that is specifically designed for clinical diagnostic and testing applications, including integrating patient information and sample IDs in a secure and confidential manner ...

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