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Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Nagase & Co and Nagase Chemtex Corporation | Date: 2013-10-30

Provided herein is an enzyme protein produced by a highly safe microorganism and having the activity to isomerize D-psicose to D-allose. The protein is any of the following proteins (a) to (c) with the activity to isomerize D-psicose to D-allose. (a) A protein comprising the amino acid sequence represented by SEQ ID NO: 1 originating in strain 710 of a microorganism of genus

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Hayashibara Co., Rare Sugar Production Technical Research Laboratories Llc and Kagawa University | Date: 2013-03-15

To develop a method for producing a novel sweetener containing glucose, fructose, and psicose, which is produced from glucose liquid sugar using an isomerase and an epimerase; use of the novel sweetener as a food or drink material; and a novel sweetener capable of preventing obesity caused by the intake thereof. An isomerase and an epimerase are allowed to act on glucose liquid sugar produced in a glucose liquid sugar production plant to thereby produce D-psicose, thereby providing a novel sweetener (product) that maintains the degree and quality of sweetness of a glucose-fructose mixed solution and never causes obesity, a method for producing the same, and use of the same.

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co. and Nihon University | Date: 2013-04-26

Provided is a novel IgA secretion promoter useful as a mucosal immunity stimulation agent and a method of promoting IgA secretion in a body of animal to stimulate mucosal immunity. A significant action of promoting IgA secretion was observed in oral administration of indigestible dextrin.

Kagawa University, Matsutani Chemical Industry Co. and Izumoring Co. | Date: 2016-01-13

A lifespan extending agent that is safe for animals, and can easily be ingested in a form that resembles foods. A lifespan extending method is also disclosed. In the lifespan extending agent, a rare sugar usable as a sweetener is contained as an active ingredient.

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co. | Date: 2015-05-05

A low-calorie food or drink, particularly an edible product (a food or drink) with an improved distinctive strange taste (particularly bitterness remaining in the mouth) has low calories and is obtained by replacing part or most of the sugar or isomerized sugar to be added by a high-intensity sweetener. Provided are a composition for improving a taste of a high-intensity sweetener, a method of improving a taste of an edible product containing a high-intensity sweetener, and an edible product in which a taste of a high-intensity sweetener is improved, each of which is characterized by containing or using an isomerized sugar and a rare sugar such that the rare sugar is contained or used in an amount of from 1 to 150 parts by mass based on 100 parts by mass of the isomerized sugar.

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