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Panasonic, Matsushita Electric Industrial and Matsushita Electric; Industrial Co. | Date: 2007-03-27

Slim television sets equipped with a flat display; video cassette recorders; video cassette players; digital video disc recorders; digital video disc players; digital audio disc recorders; digital audio disc players; audio speakers; remote controllers for television; liquid crystal projectors; amplifiers; stereo tuners; video player tuners.

Panasonic, Matsushita Electric Industrial and Matsushita Electric; Industrial Co. | Date: 2008-06-03

Telephones; IP (Internet Protocol) phones; VoIP (voice-over Internet Protocol) phones; VoIP (voice-over Internet Protocol) video phones; mobile phones; electronic machines, apparatus and their parts, namely terminal adaptors, gateway servers, personal computers, routers, recording media storing computer operating programs in the nature of optical discs and memory cards, and computer monitors.

Panasonic and Matsushita Electric; Industrial Co. | Date: 2009-05-12

Electric vacuum cleaners; washing machines for clothes; dishwashing machines; dish-drying machines; electric food processors; compressors, namely, compressors for air conditioners, compressors for refrigerators, compressors for machines; electrically powered cleaning devices for circuit boards, namely, plasma cleaning devices that use oxygen and hydrogen plasma for the removal of organic compounds; electric power tools, namely, drills, drivers, hammers, saws, rechargeable hedge cutters, tree stump cutters; electric and gas welding machines; industrial robots; electric food blenders for household purposes; die bonding machines; automatic assembly machines for placing components on substrates, namely, electronic component placement machines; electric juicers for household purposes; electric dish washing and drying machines for household purposes. Electric shavers; electric beard trimmers; electric hair clippers; electric depilation appliances * for household purposes *. Electric flat irons; car navigation equipment, namely, car navigation computers and car navigation displays; Global positioning systems (GPS) consisting of computers, computer software, transmitters, receivers, and network interface devices; car audio equipment, namely, audio speakers, CD players, mini disc players, memory card audio players; facsimile transceivers; telephones; IP telephones; doorphone intercom system comprised of monitoring televisions, telephones and audio speakers; intercoms; wireless microphones; wireless receivers for wireless microphones; [ multi-function printers, namely, those which can be used as a printer, a scanner and a facsimile machine in one unit having network connectability; ] *electronic copying machines with scanners; * photographic, electrostatic and thermal photocopiers; document scanners; laser printers; network cameras; mobile computers for credit-card payment; digital IC recorders in the nature of voice recorders; private branch exchange equipment, namely, automatic telephone exchanges; portable telephones; GSM (global system for mobile communications) portable telephones; equipment for mobile communication base stations, namely, radio and telephone transmitters, radio and telephone receivers, wireless routers, global positioning system (GPS) consisting of computers, computer software, transmitters, receivers, and satellites, and telecommunications equipment, namely, two-way radios and mobile phones; computer terminals for POS (point of sale) systems; mobile computer equipment for reading information, namely, mobile terminals; IC (integrated circuit) card readers; remote controls for controlling surveillance cameras; closed circuit video equipment systems comprised of cameras, microphones, monitors; cameras for commercial use; video cameras for broadcasting; digital imaging apparatus, namely, graphics processor rendering equipment in the nature of computers; audio mixers; DVD multi drives; digital video cameras; video cassette recorders; DVD video recorders and players; all-in-one DVD and video cassette recorders; rear projection televisions; portable televisions with DVD playing function; backlights for LCD (liquid crystal display) equipment; oxyride dry cells; lithium coin batteries; PC card adaptors; batteries for LEDs (light emitting diodes); lithium ion batteries; nickel hydrogen storage batteries; battery chargers; batteries and cells adaptors for portable electronic devices; alkaline zinc storage batteries; electric wires; circuit breakers; earth leakage circuit breakers; fire detectors; electric relays; connectors for electronic circuits; power controllers; panel-mounted power controllers with integrated display and operation functions; programmable logic controllers; electric switches; electric sensors, namely, electric and magnetic sensors, position sensors, temperature sensors, machine sensors, namely, angular rate sensors for navigation; PDP (plasma display panel) television receivers; LCD (liquid crystal display) television receivers; CRT (cathode ray tubes) television receivers; cathode ray tubes; projection cathode-ray tubes; LCD (liquid crystal display) projectors; tuners for televisions; stereo systems comprised of amplifiers, tuners, receivers, speakers; stereo tuners; amplifiers; home theater sound equipment, namely, audio speakers, tuners, amplifiers, receivers; DVD recorders; DVD players; video tape recorders; portable CD players; portable digital-audio disc players; SD (secure digital) audio players; personal digital-audio disc playing apparatus; radios; IC (integrated circuit) recorders; stereo headphones; portable DVD players; SD (secure digital) multi-function cameras; radio cassette recorders/players; digital video cameras; digital still cameras; laptop computers; PDAs (personal digital assistants); SD (secure digital) memory cards; DVD-RAM drives; blank optical discs; blank tapes for digital video cassettes; blank DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM discs; disc drives for DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM discs; camcorders for commercial use; vending machines; video monitors for commercial use; electronic whiteboards; electric quantity indicators used in factories; electric indicators used in factories for control and surveillance of production lines; electric terminals for credit card payment; electric flash units for cameras; printed circuit boards; editing apparatus for commercial use, namely, movie editing projectors, computers; electric burglar and fire alarms. Refrigerators; air conditioners; electric laundry dryers; electric rice cookers; electric coffee makers; built-in induction heating hobs; electric and gas cooktops; electric barbecue griddles for household purposes; microwave ovens; electric water heating apparatus, namely, water heaters for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes; instantaneous gas water heaters; toilet seats with automatic cleaning function; electrically heated carpets; electric radiant heaters; electric fans; electric humidifiers; ventilating fans for industrial and commercial use; electric dehumidifiers; electric air purifiers; heat exchangers, not parts of machines; xenon lamps; miniature light bulbs; silica light bulbs; fluorescent lighting tubes; fluorescent lamps; lighting fixtures in the nature of broadcast studio lighting, stage lighting, entertainment lighting; sodium lamps; halogen light bulbs; electric hair dryers for household use; water ionizers; fluorescent lighting tubes; stands for lights; electric lighting fixtures in the nature of downlights; height-adjustable lighting apparatus, namely, lamp bases that are height adjustable; toilet bowls with integrated toilet seats; bath installations, namely, bathtubs; air-conditioning apparatus for industrial purposes; electric lamps and other lighting apparatus, namely, lighting fixtures; electric kettles; electric cooking utensils, namely, cooking ranges; household electrothermic appliances, namely, electric stoves, electric boilers, electric carpets, electric blankets, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air purifying machines and apparatus, electric toasters, clothes drying machines, Peltier heat refrigerators; gas cookers for household purposes; kitchen sinks; household tap-water filters; bathtubs; bidets; toilet bowls.

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