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Iyo, Japan

Doi M.,Marutomo Co.
Sensors and Materials | Year: 2011

It is difficult to describe the Katsuobushi (dried bonito) taste, especially that of Karebushi (molded died bonito), because it contains heartiness (kokumi) taste. Therefore, there is no study on the taste oiKarebushi. In this study, we revealed the kokumi taste of Karebushi and other Japanese soup stock materials using a taste sensor.

Marutomo Co. | Date: 1994-06-07

dried fish pieces; namely, dried bonito pieces [ and processed edible seaweed; powdered soup stock; uncooked seaweed; noodle soup stock, bonito soup stock, dried small sardines ] , frozen fish; namely, cuttlefish, [ octopus,] herring, [ sardines,] jellyfish [, fish eggs] ; frozen shell fish; namely, [ abalone,] turbo fish [, lobster, shrimp ] ; frozen seaweed [; processed seaweed].

Marutomo Co. | Date: 1994-06-14

[ dried fish pieces; namely, ] dried bonito pieces [ and processed edible seaweed; powdered soup stock; uncooked seaweed; noodle soup stock, bonito soup stock, dried small sardines, frozen fish; namely, cuttlefish, octopus, herring, sardines, jellyfish, fish eggs; frozen shell fish; namely, abalone, turbo fish, lobster, shrimp; frozen seaweed; processed fish; namely, cuttlefish, octopus, filefish, horse mackerel, sea breams, cutlass fish, small crabs, small lobsters, processed seaweed ].

Morishige H.,Ehime University | Sugahara T.,Ehime University | Nishimoto S.,Ehime University | Muranaka A.,Ehime University | And 3 more authors.
Cytotechnology | Year: 2011

We focused on the biological activity of the collagen extracts obtained from the giant edible jellyfish, Nemopilema nomurai. Jellyfish collagen extracts stimulates the production of immunoglobulins (Igs) and cytokines by human hybridoma cells and human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Therefore, we examined the immunoregulatory function of jellyfish collagen extracts in mice. Intake of jellyfish collagen extracts facilitated the Ig production activity of lymphocytes from spleen and Peyer's patch. Furthermore, the levels of Igs in the serum clearly increased after the administration of jellyfish collagen extracts. Intake of bovine collagen from Achilles' tendon also activated lymphocytes activity in mice. The activity of total and antigen-specific Ig production in splenocytes from OVA-challenged mice was also enhanced by collagen intake. However, the total and OVA-specific IgE levels in the serum were not affected by the collagen intake. These results suggested that jellyfish collagen extracts stimulates an immune response in vivo, without inducing allergic complications. © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2011.

Putra A.B.N.,Ehime University | Morishige H.,Ehime University | Nishimoto S.,Ehime University | Nishi K.,Ehime University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Functional Foods | Year: 2012

As we previously reported, jellyfish collagen stimulates immunoglobulin and cytokine productions by lymphocytes . in vitro and . in vivo. Herein, the effects of collagens from jellyfish and bovine Achilles tendon on the innate immune response, especially on the activity of macrophages were evaluated. Macrophage functions were examined by the phagocytotic activity, cytokine production activity, and gene expression. The phagocytosis of the mouse J774.1 cells was enhanced by both collagens. Collagens from jellyfish and bovine Achilles tendon also stimulated the productions of tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-6 by J774.1 cells and mouse primary peritoneal macrophages as the result of elevated gene expression levels of these cytokines. Oral administration of collagens elevated cytokine production by peritoneal macrophages in mice. On the contrary, collagens suppressed gene expression of PPARγ1 in macrophages. It is supposed from this result that collagens may stimulate the cytokine production by suppressing the PPARγ1 expression. Collagens from jellyfish and bovine Achilles tendon enhanced not only the acquired immune response but also the innate immune response through the activation of macrophages. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

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