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Bothell, WA, United States

Marina Biotech | Date: 2015-11-16

Lipopeptide compounds having a central peptide and a lipophilic group attached to at least one terminus of the peptide, or to at least one amino acid residue of the peptide, and salts and uses thereof. The lipophilic group may be attached to the N-terminus, C-terminus or both termini of the peptide. The lipophilic group may be attached to at least one interal amino acid residue. The lipophilic group may be attached to either termini or both and at least one internal amino acid residue.

Marina Biotech | Date: 2015-03-14

Methods are described for the delivery of one or more small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) to a eukaryotic cell using a bacterium or BTP. Methods are also described for using this bacterium to regulate gene expression in eukaryotic cells using RNA interference, and methods for treating viral diseases and disorders. The bacterium or BTP includes one or more siRNAs or one or more DNA molecules encoding one or more siRNAs. Vectors are also described for use with the bacteria of the invention for causing RNA interference in eukaryotic cells.

This invention provides single-stranded and multi-stranded compounds that are useful in various therapeutic modalities to regulate the expression of nucleic acid molecules in a cell. A range of compounds is provided, each containing one or more conformationally restricted nucleomonomers (CRN). In addition, compounds can contain one or more conformationally restricted nucleomonomers and one or more hydroxymethyl substituted nucleomonomers (unlocked nucleomonomers, UNA).

Marina Biotech | Date: 2014-11-16

Activity-generating delivery molecules comprising the structure R

Marina Biotech | Date: 2015-05-28

The present disclosure provides meroduplex (nicked or gapped) ribonucleic acid molecules (mdRNA) that decreases or silences target gene expression. An mdRNA of this disclosure comprises at least three strands that combine to form at least two non-overlapping double-stranded regions separated by a nick or gap wherein one strand is complementary to a target gene RNA. In addition, the meroduplex may have one or more modifications or substitutions, such as nucleotide base, sugar, terminal cap structure, internucleotide linkage, or any combination of such modifications. Also provided are methods of decreasing expression of a target gene in a cell or in a subject to treat a disease related to altered expression of a target gene.

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