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Maranatha Christian University was founded on September 11, 1965 by the Christian scientific community in Bandung with the support of the Indonesia Christian Church and Pasundan Christian Church by the effort of the medical students of the Immanuel Christian Indonesian University. The university used to include only two faculties which were the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Psychology. Wikipedia.

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Lesmana C.,Maranatha Christian University | Hu H.-T.,National Cheng Kung University
Scientia Iranica | Year: 2015

Strengthening reinforced concrete members by bonding fiber reinforced plastics on the tension face has become a viable alternative to address strength deficiency problems. This paper investigates rectangular composite slabs subjected to a distributed load using Abaqus finite element software. A parametric study, using appropriate constitutive models, is generated to stimulate the nonlinear material behavior of the reinforced concrete and FRP. The numerical analysis examines the behavior and maximum capacity of the composite slabs. The paper presents the finite element analysis results for concrete slabs strengthened with FRP material. The proposed fitted equation is applicable in the preliminary investigation for engineering applications. © 2015 Sharif University of Technology. All rights reserved.

Tjahjani S.,Maranatha Christian University
BMC complementary and alternative medicine | Year: 2017

BACKGROUND: Malaria especially falciparum malaria still causes high morbidity and mortality in tropical countries. Several factors have been linked to this situation and the most important one is the rapid spread of parasite resistance to the currently available antimalarials, including artemisinin. Artemisinin is the main component of the currently recommended antimalarial, artemisinin based combination therapy (ACT), and it is a free radical generating antimalarial. Garcinia mangostana L (mangosteen) rind contain a lot of xanthone compounds acting as an antioxidant and exhibited antimalarial activity. The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimalarial activity of mangosteen rind extract and its fractions and their interaction with artemisinin against the 3D7 clone of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro.METHODS: Dry ripe mangosteen rind was extracted with ethanol followed by fractionation with hexane, ethylacetate, buthanol, and water consecutively to get ethanol extract, hexane, athylacetate, buthanol, and water fractions. Each of these substances was diluted in DMSO and examined for antimalarial activity either singly or in combination with artemisinin in vitro against Plasmodium falciparum 3D7 clone. Synergism between these substances with artemisinin was evaluated according to certain formula to get the sum of fractional inhibitory concentration 50 (∑FIC50).RESULTS: Analysis of the parasite growth in vitro indicated that IC50 of these mangosteen rind extract, hexane, ethylacetate, buthanol, and water fraction ranged from 0.41 to > 100 μg/mL. All of the ∑FIC50 were <1.CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrated a promising antimalarial activity of the extract and fractions of G.mangostana L rind and its synergistic effect with artemisinin. Further study using lead compound(s) isolated from extract and fractions should be performed to identify more accurately their mechanism of antimalarial activities.

Ibrahim N.,Maranatha Christian University | Moertini V.S.,Parahyangan Catholic University
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology | Year: 2015

As market intermediaries, e-commerce transaction broker firms need to strongly collaborate with suppliers in order to develop brands seek by customers. Developing suitable electronic Supplier Relationship Management (e-SRM) system is the solution to this need. In this paper, we propose our concept of e-SRM for transaction brokers owned by small medium enterprises (SMEs), which includes the integrated e-SRM and e-CRM architecture, as well as the e-SRM applications and their features. We then discuss the customization and implementation of the proposed e-SRM model in a specific transaction broker selling hotel rooms, which owned by an SME, The implementation of the e-SRM in has been successfully boosting the number of suppliers (hotel members) and hotel room sales. © 2005 - 2015 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved.

Kacaribu A.E.S.,Maranatha Christian University | Ratnadewi,Maranatha Christian University
ICITACEE 2015 - 2nd International Conference on Information Technology, Computer, and Electrical Engineering: Green Technology Strengthening in Information Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering Implementation, Proceedings | Year: 2016

ElGamal algorithm was first introduced by ElGamal in 1985. This algorithm is a public key algorithm where the security lies in the difficulty to find discrete logarithms. ElGamal algorithm has been frequently used to encrypt and decrypt text, email, files, and software. In this paper, will be explained how to multiply the number of cipher images so that it will be much harder to crack. Assessment done by MSE (Mean Squared Error) to compare the initial image with the image of the decryption to detect errors. Results of testing MSE is 0. This proves that the initial image and the image of the decryption matrix has the same value. © 2015 IEEE.

Kasih J.,Maranatha Christian University | Susanto S.,Parahyangan Catholic University
Global Journal of Engineering Education | Year: 2016

This research has an aim similar to that of three earlier studies [1-3], that is, to facilitate lecturer in helping students to predict their final results (high distinction, distinction or pass) based on their performance in several subjects in the first four semesters of their study period. The main difference is that instead of predicting the students' final pass results, in this research, the probability of a student getting those results is to be predicted. This is done through a data mining and multivariate technique called the multinomial regression method. Three cases are presented and discussed in this article. © 2016 WIETE.

Wirawan C.,Maranatha Christian University | Chandra F.,Maranatha Christian University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2016

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) is a creative encouraging problem solving method. TRIZ is prepared by Altshuller for product design. Altshuller prepared contradiction matrix and suggestion to solve contradictions usually occur in product design. This paper try to combine TRIZ with quality tools such as Pareto and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) to solve contradiction in quality improvement problem, neither than product design problem. Pareto used to identify defect priority, FTA used to analysis and identify root cause of defect. When there is contradiction in solving defect causes, TRIZ used to find creative problem solving. As a case study, PT 'X', a plastic molding manufacturing industry was taken. PT 'X' using traditional press machine to produce plastic thread cone. There are 5 defect types that might occur in plastic thread cone production, incomplete form, dirty, mottle, excessive form, rugged. Research about quality improvement effort using DMAIC at PT 'X' have been done by Fory Candra. From this research, defect types, priority, root cause from FTA, recommendation from FMEA. In this research, from FTA reviewed, contradictions found among causes troublesome quality improvement efforts. TRIZ used to solve the contradictions and quality improvement effort can be made effectively. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Tjiharjadi S.,Maranatha Christian University | Setiadarma W.,Maranatha Christian University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2015

As a country that has a lot of car users, the parking management and its security are quite complicated issues. This paper is described the use of facial recognition system using Eigenface method, to identify the drivers of four-wheeled vehicles. the face of the driver of the car was taken while taking a parking ticket and will be recorded as comparative data source that will be used to identify the driver when paying the parking fee. The results of this research tests performed are able to recognize when the driver out, but the results will be better if the driver's face image capture using multiple cameras so Eigenface face recognition system has enough resources to recognize the driver's face. This system is expected to reduce the number of car thefts committed in parking places. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2015.

Kasih J.,Maranatha Christian University | Susanto S.,Parahyangan Catholic University
World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education | Year: 2012

As an academic advisor, a full-time lecturer has the duty to help students in setting up their study plan each semester so that they can perform with maximum efficiency. The aim of this research is to ascertain which subjects determine the students' final passing results. An academic advisor is expected to be able to predict the students' final passing results. In order to achieve this goal, discriminant analysis can be applied for this purpose. This particular analysis, based on students' results obtained in several subjects was applied in this research, and is outlined and presented as an example in this article. © 2012 WIETE.

Darmayanti T.E.,Maranatha Christian University
MATEC Web of Conferences | Year: 2016

Sundanese are the largest indigenous ethnic group in the western part of Java Island. Sundanese culture closely relates to Animist, Hindu-Buddhist, and Islam philosophies. It led to the unique creation of the Sundanese traditional houses called Rumah Adat in Kampung Naga where the ancient tradition from their ancestor were upheld until today. Kampung Naga was listed as one of the Sundanese traditional villages known as Kampung Adat in West Java. This village has its own characteristics which enable the conveyance of tremendous tradition from the past, since the reign of Padjajaran Kingdom to the present. Additionally, it has the ability to accelerate globalization of culture these days. The objectives of this paper are to reintroduce and observe the in-depth meaning of Sundanese traditional houses within Kampung Naga. This paper employed qualitative investigation with the support of exploratory literature review. The result of this study portrayed that Sundanese traditional village are depicted as sacred spaces when the founder, the belief, and the nature spirit are interrelated. Thus, the creation of traditional houses in Kampung Naga does not only serve as shelters, but it also has "breath", "soul" and may embody cosmological value. This paper is prominent in the documentation of Sundanese traditional buildings as one of cultural identity of Indonesia, which will deliver the cultural knowledge to the world wide. © 2016 The Authors.

Rahardjo Emanuel A.W.,Maranatha Christian University
Proceedings - 2014 6th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: Leveraging Research and Technology Through University-Industry Collaboration, ICITEE 2014 | Year: 2015

Open Source Software (OSS) becomes one of the mainstream software development methodology competing with commercial and proprietary software development. One of the distinct characteristics of OSS projects is the existence group of contributors who joined the project voluntarily called OSS Communities. In this study, the statistical analysis of 263 popular OSS Projects and their communities is performed. The popularity of the OSS Projects is determined from suggestion from selected websites found from Google search engine. The analysis covers information such as OSS Project's name, description, category, repository, community type, number of contributors, and the start year. There are four important findings of the statistical analysis. First finding is that most of the category of the OSS Projects is computer and networking related. The other findings are that most of the project is in Ad Hoc state and the different trends in the number of contributors in Foundation and Commercial Company of OSS Communities. The last finding is that most of the OSS Projects are using Github, Sourceforge and Ohloh as their source code repositories. These results provide important insights about the structure and activities of OSS Projects and their communities. © 2014 IEEE.

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