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Maoming, China

Wang J.,Harbin Engineering University | Wang J.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Li D.,Harbin Engineering University | Yu X.,Maoming University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Year: 2010

A magnesium-aluminum layered double hydroxide (Mg-Al LDH) film was fabricated on a Mg alloy substrate by a hydrothermal crystallization method, based on an interface reaction between hydrotalcite slurry and Mg alloy. Magnesium-aluminum layered double hydroxide with carbonate intercalation was obtained by synthesis involving separate nucleation and aging steps, where the Mg-Al LDH film was formed in the aging process. The LDH film was uniform and compact. The film was characterized by XRD, SEM, EDS techniques to study the structure, phase purity and morphology, respectively. Polarization measurements and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) showed that the LDH film could effectively protect Mg alloy from corrosion. The cross cutting showed that the adhesion between the film and the substrate was very strong which enhances its potential for practical application. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Chen Y.,Zhejiang University | Zhao Y.,Zhejiang University | Gao H.,Maoming University | Zheng J.,Zhejiang University
Particuology | Year: 2011

Liquid bridge force acting between wet particles is an important property in particle characterization. This paper deals with liquid bridge force between either two unequal-sized spherical particles or a sphere and a flat plate under conditions where gravitational effect arising from bridge distortion is negligible. In order to calculate the force of the liquid bridge efficiently and accurately, expressions of liquid configuration and liquid bridge force were derived by building a mechanical model, which assumes the liquid bridge to be circular in shape between either two unequal-sized spheres or a sphere and a plane. To assess the accuracy of the numerical results of the calculated liquid bridge forces, they were compared to the published experimental data. © 2011 Chinese Society of Particuology and Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved. Source

Zhang J.,Maoming University
2010 International Conference on Machine Vision and Human-Machine Interface, MVHI 2010 | Year: 2010

A scheme of low-power and high slew-rate voltage follower for CSTN-LCD Applications was presented in the paper. Auxiliary modules circuit was adopted in order to meet the demands of low-power and high slew-rate simultaneously. Moreover, cascode frequency compensation was used to obtain better frequency response properties and improve the PSRR+/- of the circuit. In addition, floating current source providing bias current for output stage was introduced to realize a compact circuit structure. Simulation analysis and tape-out verification indicate that static power cost of the whole circuit is 35uA in typical corner. And the time of charge/discharge on the pixel-load is less than 15us. © 2010 IEEE. Source

Nong L.,Maoming University | Xiao C.,Zhejiang University | Zhong Z.,South China University of Technology
Journal of Surfactants and Detergents | Year: 2011

A series of novel zwitterionic phosphobetaine (PPBT) surfactants were synthesized using long chain fatty alcohol, epichlorohydrin, dimethylamine and sodium dihydrogen phosphate as raw materials. The physicochemical properties of the phosphobetaine surfactants such as isoelectric point, foaming, surface tension, critical micelle concentration (CMC) and Krafft point were measured. Low CMC and surface tension values indicated the surface activities of the phosphobetaine surfactants were quite excellent. The CMC and surface tension values of PPBT/SDS mixed systems were determined. It was found both of CMC and surface tension values decreased compared with single surfactant system because of the association between dodecyl sulfate anions and cationic groups in phosphobetaine by electrostatic attraction. © AOCS 2011. Source

An Z.,Maoming University | Gao J.,Heilongjiang University | Harrison W.T.A.,University of Aberdeen
Journal of Coordination Chemistry | Year: 2010

The syntheses and crystal structures of the closely related but non-isostructural Cd2(C19H21N3O 3F)4(H2O)24H2O (1) and Pb2(C19H21N3O3F) 4 4H2O (2) are described, where C19H 21N3O3 -is enrofloxacinate (enro). Both compounds contain centrosymmetric, binuclear, neutral complexes incorporating a central diamond-shaped M2O2 (M=Cd, Pb) structural unit. The Cd2+ coordination polyhedron in 1 is a CdO 6 trigonal prism, including one coordinated water. The Pb 2+ coordination polyhedron in 2 can be described as a very distorted square-based PbO5 pyramid, although two additional short Pb ⋯O (<53.1Å ) contacts are also present. In the crystal of the cadmium complex, O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds lead to a layered structure. In the lead compound, O-H ⋯ O and O-H ⋯ N interactions lead to chains in the crystal. Crystal data: 1: C76H96Cd2F 4N12O18, Mr=1766.45, triclinic, P.1, a=12.185(2)Å, b=12.306(3)Å, c=14.826(3)Å, α=68.15(3)°, β=70.28(3)°, γ =86.11(3)°, V=1938.2(7)Å 3, Z=1, T=298 K, R(F )=0.030, wR(F 2)=0.079. 2: C76H88F4N 12O16Pb2,Mr=1920.00, triclinic, P.1, a=12.0283(4)Å, b=12.7465(4)Å, c=13.0585(4)Å, .=83.751(1)°, β=74.635(1)°, ° =81.502(1)°, V=1904.3(1)Å 3, Z=1, T=298 K, R(F)=0.021, wR(F 2)=0.049. © 2010 Taylor & Francis. Source

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