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Manz Ag and Manz Automation Ag | Date: 2012-07-03

Machines for metal, wood and plastics processing, for the chemical industry and agriculture as well as construction machines and machine tools, more particularly robots, handling machines, robotic grippers, transporting machines, namely, assembly lire conveyor machinery, roller conveyers, air conveyers; buffer machines, namely, machine operated platforms capable of elevation above ground level and used for storage, machine controls, printing machines and screen printing machines both for printing metailization layers on semiconductor substrates, metallization machines for producing semiconductor components, machines for the treatment of semiconductor surfaces, namely, machines for the mechanical or laser assisted surface treatment of solar cells, laser cutters for the cutting of workpieces, wet-chemical machines for cleaning and etching semiconductor substrates, automation machines for handling glass substrates, machines for the production of flat screens and photovoltaic cells under clean room conditions, production machines with integrated air cushion device, sorting machines for industrial purpose, machines for the production of batteries, packaging machines, machines for paper and film processing, optical machines for the positional detection of workpieces. Scientific, surveying, photographic, film, optical, weighing, measuring, checking, testing, signal, control apparatus and instruments, namely, resistance measuring instruments, conductivity meters, electro-optical instruments for use in inspection and measurement of industrial components; devices for recording, transmitting, processing and reproducing audio and video, namely, image processing machines; scientific apparatus and instruments for processing, synthesizing and/or producing, analyzing and determining physical, chemical and biological properties of chemical, biological or technical products, namely, laboratory robots; photovoltaic systems, essentially comprising solar power modules, inverters, charge controllers, batteries; photovoltaic products, namely, solar-powered charging stations, inverters to transform a direct current into AC voltage, charge regulators, solar batteries, solar power modules; solar modules and/or photovoltaic modules for generating electricity; electrical solar cells; robots to handle test specimens and testing instruments or testing liquids in laboratories.

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