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Bogota, Colombia

The Manuela Beltrán University , also called UMB, is a private, coeducational university based in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Wikipedia.

Introduction and objective: The construction sector has an important workforce for the country; however it is believed that this group of workers have inadequate healthy lifestyles. The aim of this study was to compare the clinical and para-clinical cardiovascular characteristics of these workers in 2 time periods. Methods: A retrospective study and analysis was performed using the medical records of 291 construction workers. The data collected included, sociodemographic variables, work, clinical and para-clinical details related to the cardiovascular status for the years 2011 and 2012. Results: The mean age was 40.1 years, and mean body mass index was 26. In addition, 46% of workers were overweight and 15% obese. The annual increase in mean systolic blood pressure increased from 114.4 to 121.7. mmHg (P=.000), and in diastolic pressure it increased from 72.8 to 79.5. mmHg (P=.000), with the BMI increasing from 26 to 26.24 (P=.0000). The cholesterol levels ranged from 204.4 to 200.3. mg/dl (P=.03) and triglycerides ranged from 175.6 to 208.2. mg/dl (P=.0001). Conclusions: An annual increase was observed in several cardiovascular risk factors in construction workers in Colombia. An intervention is required for primary prevention focused on regular and quality education in these workers in order to mitigate cardiovascular risk and the presence of subsequent disease. © 2015 SEHLELHA. Source

Background. In Colombia, the leading cause of occupational morbidity in the year 2001 was carpal tunnel syndrome with an incidence of 27%. These patients may require assistive technology in rehabilitation, however the World Health Organization says that between 5% to 15% of people who require this type of procedure do not have access to it, omitting that it allows for the improvement of the affected skills of people with disabilities promoting their independence and adaptation. Objective. To characterize Low Complexity Assistive Technology in adults with wrist and hand pathologies caused by injuries inflicted to the nervous system. Materials and Methods. This research was performed under a cross-sectional descriptive type quantitative approach. During the study narrative records of the phenomena studied by observing the user and the structured interview were conducted. Results. The most used type of assistive device is flexor-extensor for all the joints of the hand with splints, cutlery with wide ergonomic handle support, kitchen helpers, pencil adapters and functional handles adapter, these are used to improve the functionality of the hand within less than one year of use. These elements are made of readily available, cheap and high level of durability materials. Conclusion. Assistive Technology promotes the evolution of hand and wrist lesions caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in adults because of the benefits it provides in terms of independence and functionality when performing daily life activities. © 2016. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. All Rights Reserved. Source

Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the oriental philosophy developed thousands of years ago, their understanding involves a deep understanding and knowledge of it. Materials and methods: This article seeks to reflect on the philosophy behind Chinese medicine and the role it has played in preventing the disease. Results: Three perspectives related to the philosophical foundations of traditional Chinese medicine and prevention analysis, the rise and popularity of its use in the prevention and the role of science in strengthening the evidence in the therapeutic of Traditional Chinese Medicine addresses. Conclusion: The contribution of TCM to the prevention of diseases can be magnified to the extent that their study will expand and further substantiate its effectiveness. © 2015, Universidad del Rosario. All rights reserved. Source

The Fantastic lifestyle assessment questionnaire was designed to help healthcare physicians measure their patients' life-styles. This work was thus aimed at assessing the reliability and validity of the Fantastic questionnaire (version 3 translated into Spanish) on a group of Colombian adults. The questionnaire was administered to 550 people to fill out themselves. Measures of central tendency and dispersion were used for the domains and groups; internal consistency and inter-scalar correlation were calculated. It was found that the 25 items, and those grouped into 10 domains exceeded the proposed reliability standard (Cronbach α), being greater than 0.50 and 0.73, respectively. Inter-scalar correlation was good and acceptable in various categories of the Fantastic questionnaire (total cf domains), (r=0.19 to 0.79; p<0.01). Fantastic questionnaire version 3 brings together some of the internal consistency and construct validity criteria. It is recommended that the questionnaire be used in primary healthcare and epidemiological studies. Source

Martinez Vasquez D.A.,Manuela Beltran University
IEEE Latin America Transactions | Year: 2015

The IEEE 1073 Standard seeks to regulate the processes of communication between medical devices and external computer systems. Such devices have reduced processing capacity, as is the case of patient care units used in ambulatory state or at home. This paper shows the IEEE 1073 standard concepts application in a medical device that monitors positions and detects abrupt falls of a person. The parameters are applied in all possible extensions within a communication environment between a cell phone that receives posture and falls signals from the medical device and transmits these to a remote web server in which the information is displayed graphically for analysis by multiple users (doctor, nurse , patient). The implementation shows that the rule is easily applied in the communication process for low-capacity devices (Cell phones that support J2ME or Android java applications) that can not support other standards such as DICOM or HL7. However, some of its concepts are too complex to be included in simple items such as a microcontroller © 2003-2012 IEEE. Source

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