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Mandsaur Institute of Technology is an engineering college in the city of Mandsaur in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It was established in 1996.It is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, which is the university of technology of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Wikipedia.

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Husain H.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology
Applied Solar Energy (English translation of Geliotekhnika) | Year: 2012

Salt gradient solar pond has thermal performance parameters as rate of warm-up, highest achievable temperature, and cumulative heat collection. All these are strongly influenced by the meteorology. Consequently, specific to the meteorology of a geographic location, there is a best starting day for the as pond defined by Singh et al. [1]. The present work has done rigorous analysis of influence of meteorology on pond's thermal performance. It is found that the starting day has strong influence in initial stage of pond warm-up; however the effect diminishes in long-term. Finally pond started on any day of the year acquires same highest temperature. It is also found that in order to retrieve maximum heat, waiting for the best starting day to commission a pond is not judicious, rather it is always more beneficial commission the pond at the earliest possible day. This finding is of practical significance while planning to put a pond in operation. © Allerton Press, Inc., 2012.

Bafna M.K.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology | Sen P.K.,Shri G S Institute of Technology and Science
Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics | Year: 2012

The spin splitting in a lens shaped quantum dot in the absence of the externally applied magnetic field has been studied. Considering the parabolic confinement potential, the eigenfunctions and energy eigenvalues have been obtained. The analytical results have been applied to a II-VI, III-V semiconductor viz, CdSe/Znse, InxGa1-x. As quantum dot and the effect of dot size on the splitting energy has been calculated and the results have been compared with the experimental observations.

Kumawat P.,Medicaps Institute of Technology | Khatri A.,Medicaps Institute of Technology | Nagaria B.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology
Proceedings - 2013 International Conference on Communication Systems and Network Technologies, CSNT 2013 | Year: 2013

Offline Handwriting recognition is considered as important research field in the field of forensic and biometric applications. It finds significance in fields like graphology which exploits the physiological behavior of the person based on the handwriting. There are several algorithms for Handwriting recognition. However none of the techniques is yet proved to be satisfactory especially for large number of classes. This is due to the fact that handwriting is a pattern which differs from instance to instance of the same writer. Hence HMM is most preferred technique in this domain. It is due to the fact the HMM produces good result for large number of statistical patterns. However, the performance of the system depends entirely on the feature vectors. Unlike the cases of usual patter recognition like face recognition, a user's training and test sample may vary. Hence recognition of the same is tough. Therefore in this work we propose a novel technique for offline handwriting recognition based on Invariant Moments and curve let transform. Curve let transform and Invariant moments are used predominantly for character recognition problem and hence are more suitable for the work. Further we compare the performance of HMM based technique with combined HMM- SVM based technique and found that for some combined HMM-SVM technique is better than HMM. Combined HMM-SVM classifier improve the problem of HMM classifier of multiple detection of Class too. © 2013 IEEE.

Patidar D.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology | Shah B.C.,Jodhpur National University | Mishra M.R.,Aditya Engineering College
Proceeding of the IEEE International Conference on Green Computing, Communication and Electrical Engineering, ICGCCEE 2014 | Year: 2014

Classification of mutually class image plays most important role in different engineering and computer vision application. Some important fields where these types of classification technique are widely used include image processing in medical, robotics based on classification, pattern recognition. Successful image classification is very challenging task especially when image database is very large. To solve this challenging task scientists and researchers have made a lot of efforts and continuously work to implement a successful classification algorithm [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6]. To successfully classified an image from large database in a short interval of time. Our proposed K Nearest Neighbors (KNN) classification method is based on haar, daubechies4 (db4), and discrete Mayer (demy) wavelet features. In this proposed method classification accuracy of different wavelet features are comparing by KNN classifier in terms of classification efficiency. Proposed work is completely experimented on Matlab 2011b software and this work present a new application and contribution towards image classification. © 2014 IEEE.

Mehta G.,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee | Singh S.P.,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee | Patidar R.D.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology
Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems | Year: 2011

This paper presents the modelling and control of grid interfaced Distributed Generation (DG) system with embedded active filter function. The output of the DG is given to the DC side of the Voltage Source Inverter for interfacing to the Grid. In the presented work, the features of Active Power Filter have been incorporated in the control circuit of the current controlled-voltage source inverter interfacing the DG to the grid. Thus the same inverter is utilised to inject power generated from DG source to the Grid and also to act as Shunt Active Power Filter to compensate for load current harmonics and reactive power demand. Thus, after compensation, the Grid current is sinusoidal and in-phase with Grid voltage. The entire system is modelled in MATLAB/Simulink environment and simulations carried out to verify the operation and the control principle. Various simulation results are presented for the proposed Grid interfaced DG system. © 2011 IEEE.

Patidar R.D.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology | Singh S.P.,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
2010 9th International Power and Energy Conference, IPEC 2010 | Year: 2010

This paper proposes a conductance emulation based scalar control for shunt active power filter to compensate customer generated current harmonics and reactive power. Proposed technique emulates the combination of nonlinear load and shunt active filter as an equivalent conductance across the source voltage. If the utility voltage is sinusoidal, the shunt active filter compensates total current harmonics and the compensated source is also sinusoidal. However, if the utility voltage is distorted, it allows similar level of distortion in the compensated source current. This result in the shape of the compensated source current is same as the shape of the source voltage. Thus, the proposed algorithm attributes the responsibilities of the customer and utility at the point of common coupling. An inventive feature of the proposed controller is to achieve the conductance emulation without sensing the source voltage. The simulated results are presented with sinusoidal and nonsinusoidal mains voltage condition and are validated experimentally by developing a laboratory prototype of using a low cost, fixed-point TMS320F2812 digital signal processor. ©2010 IEEE.

Saini N.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology | Saini K.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science | Year: 2011

A new simple, rapid and precise spectroscopic method in UV region was developed for the quantitative determination of lamotrigine in bulk and in dosage form. In 0.1 M NaOH, Lamotrigine shows maximum absorbance at 307 nm. In proposed method Lamotrigine follows linearity in the concentration range 5-50 mcg/ml.The correlation coefficient for lamotrigine was found to be 0.99. The method was validated for Linearity, Precision and Accuracy.

Mehta G.,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee | Singh S.P.,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee | Patidar R.D.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology
Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems | Year: 2011

The increasing global warming concerns and diminishing fossil fuels have made us necessary to look for alternative sources of energy. Fuel Cell technology holds promise towards sustainable power generation, it being pollution free and using readily available fuels. This paper presents the modeling, control and design analysis of a three-phase Grid-interactive Fuel Cell system with active filter functions. The main focus of this paper is to control the active power supplied by the Fuel Cell Distributed Generation system while compensating harmonics and reactive currents caused by the nonlinear loads using shunt active power filter. The developed Fuel Cell model is connected to the DC-side of the voltage source inverter for interfacing with the grid. Thus the same inverter is utilized as power converter to inject the power generated from the Fuel Cell to the grid and to act as active power filter to compensate load current harmonics and load reactive power demand. The designed controller either regulates the power flow between the Fuel Cell and the Grid or works as an active power filter or performs both the functions simultaneously. The simulation model of the overall system is developed in MATLAB/Simulink environment using SimPower Systems blocksets and then PIL simulated using TMS320F2812 DSP. The results are obtained for different operating conditions with varying load demands to prove the effectiveness of the entire system. © 2011 IEEE.

Patidar D.K.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2011

The anti-ulcer effect of aqueous extract Murraya Koenigii was studied in Pylorus ligation and NSAIDs induced ulcer model in albino rats. The extract at dose of 200,400 mg/kg produced significant inhibition of gastric lesion induced by NSAIDs and Pylorus ligation induced ulcer. The extract reduced ulcerative lesion, gastric volume, free and total acidity but raised the P H of gastric juice in Pylorus ligation model. The result obtained suggesting that extract possesses significant anti-ulcer activity.

Singh B.,Vikram University | Sikhwal O.,Mandsaur Institute of Technology
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics | Year: 2010

Fibonacci sequence stands as a kind of super sequence with fabulous properties. This note presents Fibonacci-Triple sequences that may also be called 3- F sequences. This is the explosive development in the region of Fibonacci sequence. Our purpose of this paper is to demonstrate fundamental properties of Fibonacci-Triple sequence.

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