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Munich, Germany

Man Group plc is a British alternative investment management business. It provides a range of funds for institutional and private investors globally. The company manages about US$72.3 billion and employs over 1,200 people in 14 locations worldwide.Man’s headquarters are at Riverbank House in London, where it is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It also has offices in the Bahamas, Chicago, Dubai, Dublin, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Miami, Milan, Montevideo, New York, Pfäffikon, Rotterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. Wikipedia.

An apparatus for the extraction of liquid hydrocarbons (MHC) has a mechanism for providing a process water composition (PWC) comprising a liquid emulsifier and water, an intake device (

An auxiliary element is incorporated into a steering apparatus and that, in addition to the steering circuit, a further steering circuit is provided on the same axle. A movement is forced upon the auxiliary element by a further kinematic coupling, such that the movement is additionally transmitted to the opposite wheel by the auxiliary element. The transmission increases boost to the steering force.

An exhaust gas turbocharger module and internal combustion engine outfitted therewith are disclosed. The exhaust gas turbocharger modules have an individual turbocharging assembly with a low-pressure exhaust gas turbocharger with a low-pressure turbine and a low-pressure compressor which have a common first turbocharger axis. A high-pressure exhaust gas turbocharger is provided with a high-pressure turbine and a high-pressure compressor which have a common second turbocharger axis extending perpendicular to the first turbocharger axis. The low-pressure turbine is connected downstream of the high-pressure turbine via an exhaust gas connection line, and the high-pressure compressor is connected downstream of the low-pressure compressor via a charge air connection line. A housing receives the low-pressure turbine, the high-pressure turbine and the exhaust gas connection line. The low-pressure compressor, the high-pressure compressor, and the charge air connection line are arranged outside of the housing.

A solar thermal installation and method for operating a solar thermal installation includes a solar collector arrangement which defines a solar collector fluid passage so that a first heat quantity can be supplied to a fluid, and which has a first fluid infeed connection and a first fluid output connection. A heat exchanger fluid passage permits a second heat quantity to be supplied to a fluid. A heating fluid receiving device is fluidically connected with a first fluid output connection and fluidically connects a second fluid output connection to the first fluid output connection by bypassing the solar collector fluid passage. A consumer device is connected to the heating fluid receiving device. At least a portion of the first heat quantity and second heat quantity can be supplied to the consumer device. A control device controls an operation of the gas turbine depending on the first heat quantity.

MAN Group | Date: 2013-11-25

A fluid-tight line feedthrough for introducing an electric conductor into a high-pressure chamber includes a housing and an electric conductor that passes through the housing. A ceramic insulator is positioned between the housing and the electric conductor. The ceramic insulator is divided into a first insulator segment facing the electric conductor and a second insulator segment facing the housing, thereby forming a conical separating plane. A fitting made of an electrically conductive material is positioned between the two segments, the fitting being connected to the two segments and to the housing.

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