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St. Louis, MO, United States

The present disclosure provides compositions having different dissolution profiles. In particular, the compositions are formulated by adjusting the types and/or amounts of excipients and/or surfactants, and the compositions are prepared by spray drying processes.

Mallinckrodt LLC | Date: 2015-08-25

The present invention relates generally to a sterile hydromorphone hydrochloride solution that is substantially free of buffer.

A power injector that incorporates at least one signal transmission connector in a movable joint (e.g., between a powerhead and a support or stand; between at least one adjacent pair of support sections of a support for the powerhead) is disclosed. Such a signal transmission connector may be in the form of a slip ring module, but in any case is part of the signal transmission link to the powerhead. At least that portion of a signal transmission conduit that is adjacent to the powerhead may be disposed within the interior of the corresponding portion of the support or stand, thereby reducing the potential that an individual will grab onto the signal transmission conduit when attempting to move at least part of the power injector, to change the position of the powerhead, or both.

A pharmaceutical product supply is disclosed in the form of a container, a pharmaceutical product receiver, pharmaceutical product, an adhesive, and at least one release liner. The pharmaceutical product receiver includes a plurality of receptacles for pharmaceutical product. The container is initially disposed in a first configuration where all of the pharmaceutical product receiver receptacles may be accessible. The container is thereafter disposable in a second configuration where no covering for any of the pharmaceutical product receiver receptacles is accessible through any openable access incorporated by the container. One or more release liners may be moved to expose adhesive for disposing and retaining the container in its second configuration. The noted second configuration of the container facilitates disposal of the pharmaceutical product supply (e.g., now being in a form that should reduce the potential for gaining access to any remaining pharmaceutical product still enclosed within the pharmaceutical product receiver).

Mallinckrodt LLC | Date: 2015-06-11

The present disclosure provides oxidized berbine derivatives, processes for their preparation, and methods of using the oxidized berbine derivatives.

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