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Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Japan

Makino Milling Machine Co. | Date: 2012-04-16

In order to obtain a configuration allowing an operator to promptly identify whether a physical amount is within the normal range, this machine tool is configured so as to be provided with: sensors for sensing a physical amount showing the state of the machine tool, the normal range of the physical amount changing in correspondence with the machining condition; a setting unit for setting the normal range of the physical amount corresponding to the machining condition; and a display for displaying the normal range set by the setting unit alongside the sensing value sensed by the sensors.

An interference determination method for machine tools which determines whether or not there will be interference between elements that move relative to each other, the method including: a setting procedure for setting a machine tool model obtained by combining the shape model of each of the elements including a work model corresponding to the work; a measurement procedure for measuring the position of the work attached to the work attachment part; a correction procedure for acquiring, at a predetermined timing, the position of the work measured in the measurement procedure, and correcting the machine tool model set in the setting procedure; and a determination procedure for determining whether or not there will be interference between the elements on the basis of the machine tool model corrected in the correction procedure.

Makino Milling Machine Co. | Date: 2012-10-31

A control device for a machine tool for machining a workpiece while moving a rotating tool relative to the workpiece, the device being provided with: an input information-reading unit for reading input information, which comprises a path along the contour of the workpiece or the tool path of a first rotating tool that follows the external form of the workpiece; and a path-setting unit for converting the input information read by the input information-reading unit to generate a tool path for performing the machining using the end cutting edge of a second rotating tool.

Makino Milling Machine Co. | Date: 2012-10-30

A processing program generation method for generating a processing program (PR) for a work machine on the basis of use-results information for a tool (

Makino Milling Machine Co. | Date: 2014-02-28

A working machine feed axis control device: disposes a velocity feedback loop and forms a cascade coupling on the inner side of a location feedback loop; comprises a velocity gain setting apparatus (

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