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Stuttgart, Germany

Mahle GmbH is an automotive parts manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany. It is one of the 30 largest automotive suppliers worldwide. As a manufacturer of components and systems for the combustion engine and its periphery, the company is one of the three largest systems suppliers worldwide for piston systems, cylinder components, valve train systems, air management systems, and liquid management systems.As of 2014, its 65,000 employees work in 120+ production plants and six research and development centers in Stuttgart, Northampton, Detroit, Tokyo, Shanghai and São Paulo. Worldwide, 3000 development engineers and technicians work as partners for Mahle's customers on products and systems focused on the development of the combustion engine. Wikipedia.

Mahle GmbH | Date: 2015-06-09

A method of fabricating a folded evaporator tube includes providing a tube with a plurality of webs extending between interior surfaces of the tube. The webs are oriented at an angle between forty-five degrees (45) and sixty degrees (60) of angle relative to a bottom wall of the tube. A cutting-device that includes a knife and a guide that cooperate to cut the tube to a desired length is also provided. The knife has a point that is forced in a direction parallel to a wall of the tube. The guide defines an opening that conforms to the tube to maintain the shape of the tube during cutting by the knife. The knife further defines a bottom and top edges that extend away from the point and cooperates with the opening to shear the bottom and top walls of the tube along with internal webs inside the tube.

Mahle GmbH | Date: 2015-08-07

A method for manufacturing a sliding tappet of a valve train of an internal combustion engine may include the steps of: providing a main body; applying a coating at least on a contact surface of the main body configured for contacting an associated cam. The coating may include tungsten carbide and cobalt, and the coating may be applied via high velocity oxygen fuel spraying. The method may further include the step of performing a surface finishing on the coating after the coating is applied.

Mahle GmbH | Date: 2015-09-24

A collector for accommodating at least two flat tubes of a heat exchanger, which are disposed so as to be mutually parallel and each of which has a broad side and a narrow side, may include a first element and a second element. The first element may be configured as a metal strip, and the second element may be configured as one of an extruded section or a formed sheet-metal part. At least two punched through openings each configured as a passage for receiving one of the flat tubes may be provided in at least one of the first element and the second element. The at least two punched through openings may further be oriented parallel to a longitudinal axis of the collector by way of the broad side of the flat tubes.

A method for producing a cylinder for a two-stroke engine, has the following steps: producing a casting core, wherein a central core slide for the cylinder chamber and at least one salt core for a transfer port are produced and the at least one salt core is connected to the central core slide, inserting the casting core into a casting mold, casting the cylinder in a die-casting process, removing the central core slide from the cylinder, wherein the at least one salt core is separated from the central core slide, and flushing the at least one salt core out of the cylinder. The invention further relates to a casting core for such a method.

A thermoelectric generator may include a housing that delimits a housing interior and has a first housing wall and a second housing wall opposite the first housing wall. The generator may also include a plurality of thermoelectric elements, each having a thermoelectrically active material and being arranged spaced apart from one another in the housing interior, wherein at least two adjacent thermoelectric elements are connected to one another by at least one conductor link. The conductor link may be fitted by at least one of a first electrical insulation on an inner side of the first housing wall facing the housing interior, and a second electrical insulation on an inner side of the second housing wall facing the housing interior. Each of the first and the second electrical insulation may include at least one graphite film and at least one carrier film having an electrically insulating material.

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