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Mahle GmbH and Mahle Engine Systems UK Ltd | Date: 2012-12-06

A sliding bearing having a composite layer comprising carbon nanostructures (

Mahle GmbH and Mahle Engine Systems UK Ltd | Date: 2013-11-07

A half bearing for a sliding bearing may include a bearing substrate having at least one relief region provided in a surface of the half bearing, and a substrate adjacent respective end faces of the bearing substrate. The half bearing may further include a polymer in-fill having a non-uniform thickness provided in a filled region, wherein the thickness of the polymer in-fill in the filled region may be greater proximate the respective end face than remote from the respective end face.

Mahle GmbH and Mahle Engine Systems Uk Ltd. | Date: 2014-05-07

A sliding engine component may include a sliding surface including a plastics polymer-based composite layer disposed on a substrate. The composite layer may include a matrix of plastics polymer-based material. The plastics polymer-based material may have 0.1 to 20 percent by volume of liquid-filled microcapsules distributed throughout the matrix, and incidental impurities.

MAHLE ENGINE SYSTEMS UK Ltd and Mahle GmbH | Date: 2012-11-07

A flanged half-bearing includes at least one substantially semi-annular thrust washer with an internal periphery having lateral lugs and an intermediary stabilization lug projecting from the internal periphery of the thrust washer, and a semi-cylindrical half journal bearing shell having lateral recesses and an intermediary stabilization recess that are recessed into an axial end face of the bearing shell and are respectively connected to the lateral lugs and the stabilization lug of the thrust washer, wherein the stabilization lug has rotational stabilization edges that project substantially perpendicularly from the inner periphery of the thrust washer, and the stabilization recess is configured for axial relative movement of stabilization lug. An engine includes at least one such flanged half-bearing.

MAHLE ENGINE SYSTEMS UK Ltd and Mahle GmbH | Date: 2011-02-11

A bearing bush is described wherein the bush bore at the axial ends of the bush is provided with relieved portions extending at least a part of the distance around a circumference of the bush, the relieved portions being in the form of grooves in the bore surface.

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