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Sheffield, United Kingdom

Magnomatics | Date: 2011-05-17

An electrical machine is provided comprising a first rotor (

Magnomatics | Date: 2015-11-23

An electrical machine is provided comprising a first rotor, wherein the first rotor includes a support structure, a second rotor, a stator and, wherein the first rotor, second rotor and stator are arranged concentrically about a shaft, and at least one of the second rotor and the stator is adapted to accommodate the support structure. An electrical machine is also provided comprising a shaft having an axis, at least one first rotor, at least one second rotor, at least two stators and, wherein the first rotor, second rotor and stators are arranged axially along the shaft and extend from the axis.

Magnomatics | Date: 2010-11-17

The present invention provides an electrical machine for use in marine generation comprising a marine turbine, a first rotor mechanically connected to the marine turbine, a second rotor and a stator. The first rotor is configured to transfer torque to the second rotor in a magnetically geared manner, and the second rotor is configured to induce an AC voltage in the stator.

A propulsion device for a marine vessel, the propulsion device comprising an electrical machine with integral magnetic gearing, which comprises three members, namely a first or inner rotor comprising a first plurality of permanent magnets, a second rotor in the form of a plurality of ferromagnetic pole pieces, and a stator which is associated with a plurality of 3-phase windings and to the periphery of which a plurality of second permanent magnets are fixed. The magnetic pole piece rotor is connected to a drive shaft provided with a propulsion means for providing propulsion to the marine vessel. The first or inner rotor is free to rotate about the drive shaft. The pole pieces of the second rotor are arranged to magnetically couple the permanent magnets of the first or inner rotor to the second permanent magnets on the stator.

Magnomatics | Date: 2014-03-10

An apparatus and method for holding permanent magnet components, particularly on a rotor of an electrical machine. A magnet carrier (

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