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Manchester, United Kingdom

Magnesium Elektron Ltd. | Date: 2011-09-19

This invention relates to the utilization of regenerable water tolerant solid materials for the abatements of CO

The invention relates to a method for treating a gas containing nitrogen oxides (NOx), in which an NOx-reduction reaction is carried out using a nitrogen-containing reducing agent, which invention is characterized in that the catalyst used for the reduction reaction is a catalytic system containing a composition comprising zirconium, niobium in the following percentages by weight, expressed in terms of the weight of oxide: 10-50% of cerium, 5-20% of niobium and the remainder consisting of zirconium.

Magnesium Elektron Ltd. | Date: 2015-07-28

A magnesium alloy suitable for use as a corrodible downhole article. The alloy has a corrosion rate of at least 50 mg/cm

Magnesium Elektron Ltd. and Rhodia | Date: 2011-05-17

A composition based on cerium, zirconium and tungsten is described. The composition has a content expressed as an oxide, of which cerium is from 5% to 30% of the composition, tungsten is from 2% to 17% of the composition, and the remainder of the composition is zirconium. After aging at 750 C. under an air atmosphere including 10% water, it has a two-phase crystallographic structure having a tetragonal zirconia phase and a monoclinic zirconia phase, with no presence of a crystalline phase including tungsten. The composition can be used as a catalyst, especially in an SCR process.

Magnesium Elektron Ltd. | Date: 2011-03-23

Magnesium alloys which possess good processability and/or ductility whilst retaining good resistance to corrosion and/or degradation comprising Y: 0-10% by weight, Nd: 0-5% by weight, wherein the total of Y+Nd is at least 0.05% by weight, one or more heavy rare earths selected from Ho, Lu, Tm and Tb in a total amount of above 0.5% and no more than 5.5% by weight, Gd: 0-3.0% by weight, and Sm: 0-0.2% by weight. The alloy optionally includes one or more of: Dy: 0-8% by weight; Zr: 0-1.2% by weight; Al: 0-7.5% by weight; Zn and/or Mn: 0-2% by weight in total; Sc: 0-15% by weight; In: 0-15% by weight; Ca: 0-3% by weight; Er up to 5.5% by weight, provided that the total of Er, Ho, Lu, Tm and Tb is no more than 5.5% by weight; and one or more rare earths and heavy rare earths other than Y, Nd, Ho, Lu, Tm, Tb, Dy, Gd and Er in a total amount of up to 0.5% by weight; the balance being magnesium and incidental impurities up to a total of 0.3% by weight.

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