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Hsinchu, Taiwan

Macroblock Inc. | Date: 2012-12-04

A LED driving device adapted to driving N LED strings connected in series is provided. N is a positive integer greater than 1. The LED driving device includes (N1) switch units, a current source, a detection unit and a control unit. The ith switch unit electrically connects to the (i+1) LED string in parallel or to the ith LED string in parallel, and 0

Macroblock Inc. | Date: 2012-01-10

An Alternating-current-Direct-current (AC-DC dual-use) Light Emitting Diode (LED) driving circuit includes an input power circuit, a buck-boost converter, and a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal controller. The buck-boost converter, including a switching transistor and a feedback resistor, receives a current signal output from the input power circuit, and drives an LED with a driving signal. The PWM signal controller outputs a PWM signal according to the driving signal, so as to sequentially turn on and turn off the switching transistor. One end of the feedback resistor is coupled to the LED, and a floating ground terminal of the PWM signal controller is coupled to the switching transistor and the other end of the feedback resistor. Therefore, the AC-DC dual-use LED driving circuit is capable of dynamically adjusting the duty ratio of the PWM signal without connecting an external photocoupler.

Macroblock Inc. | Date: 2013-08-15

An LED display panel includes: a semiconductor wafer having a top surface; a plurality of LED elements disposed over the top surface of the semiconductor wafer, each of the LED elements having an electrode contact; and a plurality of driving circuits formed in the semiconductor wafer. Each of the driving circuits has an electrode-connecting contact that is disposed on the top surface of the semiconductor wafer and that is bonded to the electrode contact of a respective one of the LED elements.

Macroblock Inc. and Harvatek Corporation | Date: 2015-03-27

A display structure includes a main body, a plurality of light-emitting diode units, and a plurality of light blocking walls. The main body includes a substrate, and a circuit unit disposed on the substrate. The light-emitting diode units are electrically connected to the circuit unit and illuminate outwardly. Each of the light blocking walls is disposed between two adjacent ones of the light-emitting diode units to prevent light interference between the two adjacent ones of the light-emitting diode units.

A resonant converter with power factor correction includes a power-obtaining circuit, an energy-storage element and an energy-transferred circuit. The power-obtaining circuit is used for receiving an input line voltage. The energy-storage element is coupled between the power-obtaining circuit and the energy-transferred circuit. The energy-transferred circuit is used for generating an output power. In a first time period, based on a first control signal, the energy-storage element and the power-obtaining circuit operate a soft switching so that the energy-storage element is charged to obtain the input line power and generate an energy-storage voltage. In a second time period, based on a second control signal, the energy-storage element and the energy-transferred circuit operate a soft switching so that the energy-storage element is discharged to make the energy-storage voltage converted into the output power.

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