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Ānand, India

Mb Patel Science College

Ānand, India

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Patel J.D.,Mb Patel Science College | Shah P.J.,Mb Patel Science College | Shah P.J.,Sardar Patel University
Asian Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2010

4-Acetylsemicarbazone-1-phenyl-3-methyl-2-pyrazolin-5-one (AMP-SC) was prepared and its metal chelates of Cu2+, Ni2+, Co2+, Mn2+, Fe2+, Fe3+, Cr3+, UO2 2+ and VO2+ were synthesized. The ligands and its metal chelates were characterized by elemental analysis, metal: ligand (M:L) stoichiometry, IR-electronic spectral studies and magnetic properties. The compounds also screened for their antimicrobial activity.

Shah A.I.,Mb Patel Science College | Shukla H.M.,Mb Patel Science College | Shah P.J.,Shri An Patel Pg Institute | Raj D.S.,Mb Patel Science College
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society | Year: 2012

A novel heteronuclear bis-ligand namely 5-[4-(2-carboxyphenyl carbonyl amino)-phenyl-4-carbonyl methyl amino)-8-hydroxyquinoline was synthesized and characterized. This Bis-ligand was designated as CPHQ. Co-ordination polymers of this CPHQ bis-ligand were prepared with Cu+2, Co+2, Ni+2, Mn+2 and Zn+2 metal ions. All of these Co-ordination polymers and the CPHQ ligand were characterized by elemental analysis, IR, NMR spectral studies, thermogravimetry, electronic reflectance spectral studies and magnetic susceptibility measurement. The synthesized novel Bis-ligand and their Co-ordination polymers were screened for their antimicrobial activity.

Patel M.,Mb Patel Science College | Patel H.,Shri An Patel Pg Institute
Journal of Industrial Pollution Control | Year: 2015

Phosphorus is one of the key elements for growth and development of plants. Soils may contain a number of hundred pounds of phosphate in organic and inorganic forms per acre. Still its availability is limited to the plants due to its poor solubility and precipitation. The uses of phosphate solubilizing microbes (PSM) as fertilizer have added advantage over chemical fertilizer in terms of cost and pollutions. Therefore in present studies we are reporting isolation screening and characterization of novel PSM from its natural habitat and its concurrent effect on agricultural crop and environment. The bacteria isolated from the field of capsicum has shown highest P-solubilisation as well as P-fertilizer potential and was further characterized as Bacillus megaterium by 16s rRNA sequencing technique. © EM International Printed in India. All rights reserved.

Shah A.,Mb Patel Science College | Raj D.,Mb Patel Science College
Journal of Saudi Chemical Society | Year: 2015

A facile one-pot synthesis of 2'-amino-2-fluoro-5'-oxo-1'-(4-phenylthiazol-2-yl)-1',4',5',6',7',8'-hexahydro-3,4'-biquinoline-3'-carbonitrile derivatives was synthesized in one pot by condensing various 2-fluoroquinoline-3-carbaldehyde 1a-d, enaminones 2a-c and malononitrile or ethylcynoacetate 3a-b in ethanol. All the compounds were characterized by IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR spectra and elemental analysis. All the synthesized compounds were screened for their antibacterial activity against Gram positive bacterial species Streptococcus pneumoniae, Bacillus subtilus and Clostridium tetani, Gram negative bacterial species Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi and Vibrio cholerae and fungicidal activity against Candida albicans and Aspergillus fumigates. © 2012 Production and hosting by Elsevier B.V.

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