State College, PA, United States
State College, PA, United States

Founded in 1812, Lycoming College is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. One of the 50 oldest colleges in America, Lycoming enrolls 1400 undergraduate students from over 28 states and 12 foreign countries. Eighty percent of the college's students live on campus. Lycoming College is affiliated with the United Methodist Church but operates as an independent institution.The Carnegie Foundation has classified the College as a "Baccalaureate College – Arts & science". However, using more detailed categories of the newly revised Carnegie Classification system, Lycoming is found to be one of only 44 colleges in the nation to confer over 80% of its degrees in the arts and science, to focus exclusively on undergraduate education, to be small in size, to be "selective" or "more selective" in admissions, and to have a majority of full-time students residing on campus.In 2013 Forbes ranked 925 private colleges and universities for financial strength and operational soundness, and Lycoming was ranked 112 , ahead of such highly regarded institutions as Georgetown , Villanova , New York University , Boston University and Duquesne . Wikipedia.

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Pagonis V.,McDaniel College | Kulp C.,Lycoming College
Journal of Luminescence | Year: 2017

The study of luminescence signals from geological materials is of importance in dosimetric and dating applications. Monte Carlo simulations are often used to describe the charge creation, charge trapping and donor/acceptor recombination processes in luminescent and dosimetric materials. While such stochastic methods are in wide use in many applied areas of physics, there have been few studies of such phenomena on the origin and production of luminescence signals for feldspars, apatites and similar materials exhibiting loss of charge due to quantum tunneling phenomena. Previous Monte Carlo work on feldspars has been based on the assumption that the number density of donors and acceptors are equal at any time. These previous studies were able to get good agreement with experiment only when they assumed that the crystal consisted of small sub-volumes, and that charge carriers were only allowed to recombine within these nanocrystals. This paper provides a different version of this previously suggested model, in which the number density of acceptors far exceeds that of donors. The new version of the model describes the loss of charge due to ground state tunneling, as well as the charge creation by natural irradiation of samples. The results from the model compare well with previously derived approximate analytical equations for feldspars. In addition, the Monte Carlo simulations provide valuable insight into the various factors which affect the luminescence mechanism in these materials. The simulations can describe the loss of charge on a wide variety of time scales, from microseconds to thousands of years. The effect of crystal size, charge carrier density, natural irradiation dose rate and total number of charge carriers is studied in a quantitative manner. Finally we examine the possibility of extending the present version of the model to describe luminescence signals originating in the nearest neighbor hopping mechanism in feldspars. The results from the model are compared with experimental data from time-resolved infrared stimulated luminescence (TR-IRSL) in these materials. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.

Kulp C.W.,Lycoming College | Smith S.,Lycoming College
Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics | Year: 2011

The 0-1 test for chaos is a recently developed time series characterization algorithm that can determine whether a system is chaotic or nonchaotic. While the 0-1 test was designed for deterministic series, in real-world measurement situations, noise levels may not be known and the 0-1 test may have difficulty distinguishing between chaos and randomness. In this paper, we couple the 0-1 test for chaos with a test for determinism and apply these tests to noisy symbolic series generated from various model systems. We find that the pairing of the 0-1 test with a test for determinism improves the ability to correctly distinguish between chaos and randomness from a noisy series. Furthermore, we explore the modes of failure for the 0-1 test and the test for determinism so that we can better understand the effectiveness of the two tests to handle various levels of noise. We find that while the tests can handle low noise and high noise situations, moderate levels of noise can lead to inconclusive results from the two tests. © 2011 American Physical Society.

Richmond K.M.,Lycoming College
Justice Quarterly | Year: 2014

Female offenders face many barriers to employment, including a lack of education and work experience. Correctional work programs offer skills training and exposure to work routines and norms, yet there is scant research on whether these programs can increase a woman's employability, and thus reduce recidivism, upon release. This longitudinal study examines whether employment in the federal prison industries program, UNICOR, reduces recidivism among a large sample of female inmates. Propensity scores are utilized to control for selection bias. This study finds no significant differences in rearrest or recommitment to federal prison between inmates employed in UNICOR and those who were not. Length of UNICOR employment is also not shown to have an effect on recidivism. The gender-specific needs of female offenders must be taken into account when developing correctional programming as factors other than employment may be more salient to a woman's ability to desist from crime. © 2012 © 2012 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

Richmond K.M.,Lycoming College
Journal of Offender Rehabilitation | Year: 2014

Prison industries offers vocational training and professional work experience to inmates. The limited research on its effectiveness focuses primarily on post-release employment and recidivism outcomes. The current study interviews 70 male and female inmates from four Pennsylvania correctional industries programs. Inmates discussed their perceptions on the program, its impact on their behavior, and whether the training and skills are transferable. Prison industries improves one's sense of self and offers structure and routine. However, the relevance of the experience depends on the type of industry. Strengths and weaknesses of prison industries, including the need for gender-specific correctional work programs, are highlighted. © 2014 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Rice C.C.,Lycoming College
Biology and Philosophy | Year: 2016

This paper analyzes two ways idealized biological models produce factive scientific understanding. I then argue that models can provide factive scientific understanding of a phenomenon without providing an accurate representation of the (difference-making) features of their real-world target system(s). My analysis of these cases also suggests that the debate over scientific realism needs to investigate the factive scientific understanding produced by scientists’ use of idealized models rather than the accuracy of scientific models themselves. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Broussard M.J.S.,Lycoming College
Library Trends | Year: 2013

This article describes how an annual Harry Potter Night program fits into a college library's mission. The literature shows college and university libraries are already accustomed to supporting their campus communities' academic and cocurricular needs. Harry Potter Night at Lycoming College is an engaging experience. For one Friday night a year, the college library transforms into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry through food, decorations, and music. The central events are variations of trivia games and two obstacle courses, one focusing on Voldemort's horcruxes and the other focusing on the Sorcerer's Stone. These games and simulations are critical to creating an emotionally immersive as well as a multisensory experience. The attendance for this program has ranged from 30 to 100 students (on a campus of approximately 1,400), and the enthusiasm has been immense. This program has led to positive attitudes toward the library and valuable publicity in campus publications and has strengthened the library's relationship with the college Residential Life office. © 2013 The Board of Trustees, University of Illinois.

Boyd N.M.,Lycoming College
Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community | Year: 2011

This article explores organization development (OD) interventions and their likelihood of increasing social change outcomes in public agencies. The central argument of this work is that public and nonprofit organizations can deliver better social outcomes by systematically engaging in OD interventions. An in-depth survey was conducted in 3 agencies of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the end of the gubernatorial administration of Tom Ridge (1995-2002). During his administration, Governor Ridge led the agencies of Pennsylvania government through a large-scale change effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The change effort was a remarkable event for the Commonwealth because no other governor in the history of the state had attempted to conceptualize and deliver a comprehensive large-scale change management initiative. The successes and setbacks served as a fertile context to shed light on the following research question: Do OD interventions increase the likelihood that public organizations will deliver better social outcomes? This question is important in that public organizations may need to engage in organization development activities to improve their internal operations, which in turn may help them provide exemplary social outcomes to those whom they serve. In short, organization development interventions might allow public organizations to help themselves to help others. Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Macy M.,Lycoming College
Infants and Young Children | Year: 2012

This research synthesis is a review of the literature on developmental screening measures used to identify young children with delays. Research on 14 commonly used tools to screen infants, toddlers, and preschoolers was examined. Findings may assist users and consumers in identifying developmental screening measures that have a body of evidence. Key words: assessment, developmental screening measures, early intervention. Copyright © 2012 Wolters Kluwer Health.

Grassmueck G.,Lycoming College | Shields M.,Colorado State University
Papers in Regional Science | Year: 2010

Economic growth is an important priority for many local governments. There is a long-standing theoretical debate on how to best organize government for economic growth. There is surprisingly little empirical research focusing on how government organization affects regional growth. In this paper we forward several recent measures of government fragmentation in contrast to the common measure of government units per capita to examine how government competition influences growth, testing them in a metropolitan statistics area (MSA) growth model for 1992-2002. Going somewhat against the current embrace of regional collaboration, our results suggest that regions with relatively fragmented governments had stronger relative economic performance over the study's time frame. © 2010 the author(s). Journal compilation © 2010 RSAI.

Kulp C.W.,Lycoming College | Zunino L.,CONICET | Zunino L.,National University of La Plata
Chaos | Year: 2014

In this paper, we propose a new heuristic symbolic tool for unveiling chaotic and stochastic dynamics: the permutation spectrum test. Several numerical examples allow us to confirm the usefulness of the introduced methodology. Indeed, we show that it is robust in situations in which other techniques fail (intermittent chaos, hyperchaotic dynamics, stochastic linear and nonlinear correlated dynamics, and deterministic non-chaotic noise-driven dynamics). We illustrate the applicability and reliability of this pragmatic method by examining real complex time series from diverse scientific fields. Taking into account that the proposed test has the advantages of being conceptually simple and computationally fast, we think that it can be of practical utility as an alternative test for determinism. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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